Voter Fraud In Alabama? Vote Data Looks Highly Suspicious!


I think we all know the Roy Moore vote was skewed, don’t we?  Probably in multiple ways.  

First we have George Soros plowing millions of dollars into the race.  Then we have the regstration of felons to vote at record paces.  Then of course we have the hit job against Judge Roy Moore, with the false accusations.

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But now we have numbers.  

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It appears like the numbers are extremely out of line for what should have been expected in this election.  The voter turnout was nearly the same as a Presidential Election, which NEVER happens.  Usually it’s 30% less or more.  

Now, how could that have happened?  Oh I don’t know, busing in felons and illegals and registering them to vote in mass numbers?  Now if only we had someone who could fund that operation (hint hint Soros).  

Take a look:

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