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Video: CNN Propaganda Artist MELTS DOWN Vs GOP Rep…Says Trump-Prostitute Pee-Pee Story “Corroborated”

CNN's Alyson Camerota is a Trump hater from Hell. But even she has to be a little embarrassed after admitting she believes ALL of the Trump Dossier.


In a viral video excerpt, CNN’s fervent Trump-basher and Clintonite Alyson Camerota tells Representative Jim Jordan (R, OH) that every word of the Trump Dossier – with its drummed-up, paid-for, Moscow-tinged origins and infamous “Pee-Pee Hooker” story – is verified and corroborated by reliable sources. 

Jordan tells Camerota that the dossier has been discredited, which she denies. All of it, she claims, has been corroborated by witnesses. 

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Her complete denial of reality seems to amuse the Representative, who forces her to admit moments later than some parts of the dossier are absurd and worthless. 

Or only helpful to partisan political aims. 

Scroll down for the video! Or read more from Daily Caller:

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota incorrectly claimed that the entirety of the dossier has been corroborated by intelligence agencies, even though the vast majority of the dossier remains unsubstantiated.

Jordan described the dossier as “discredited” and slammed the FBI for using it to obtain FISA warrants against members of the Trump campaign team, causing Camerota to claim that the dossier had been fully verified.

“It hasn’t been discredited. In fact, it’s been the opposite,” Camerota said. “It’s been corroborated.”

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“Really?” Jordan said with some sarcasm. “All of it?”

“Yes, ask your intel community,” Camerota snarked back. “Your intel community has corroborated all of the details.”

“They have corroborate the contacts made between the high-level Trump team and Russians, conversations made between the Trump team and Russians, the face-to-face meetings between the Trump team and the Russians,” she continued. However, then Camerota quickly debunked her own claim that the entire dossier had been corroborated. “The only part that you’re fastening on is the most salacious stuff which we haven’t reported on!” she exclaimed, admitting that there were significant parts of the dossier that remain unverified.

Jordan laughed his way through Camerota’s inability to separate fact from fiction and quickly turned back to his original point, which is that the highly-suspect dossier was paid for by Democrats and then turned over to the FBI.

You’ve got to hand it to them. CNN’s “news” anchors do have a special talent for saying the words “Russia” and “Russian” record numbers of times within just a few seconds. 



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