President Trump Releases Savage Video of Prior Presidents AGREEING with His Israel Move!


You gotta love President Trump!

He has a way of boiling things down and making them so clear.

Take, for example, when the world lost their minds and got their panties in a huge bunch this week after President Trump announced he was honoring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  

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Madness, they said!  

The end of the world!

It will destabilize the region.  

I even had friends texting me asking me if I thought it would make the world a safer place.  Was Trump really right?  Did he finally step in it big time?

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Well, the answer is Trump did exactly what every prior President and many Democratic Congress members have said in the past!  

And there’s video proof.

The only difference?  Trump actually followed through on his word.

Please enjoy these AWESOME videos:

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