Time Magazine Isn't Exactly Denying President Trump's Claim They Considered Him For POTY Award

Time Magazine Isn’t Exactly Denying President Trump’s Claim They Considered Him For POTY Award

Trump tweeted today that Time Magazine called him looking for a photo shoot for 2017 Person of the Year. Hilariously, he wrote that he turned them down.

The President’s tongue-in-cheek humor on Twitter is just letting Americans “in” on the routine. Trump knows his only chance to get fair coverage is to play the media like a fiddle. 

But 45’s tweet about Time Magazine today is being taken WAY too seriously as usual, mostly by liberal reporters who think it’s another end-of-the-world sign. 

Except the word “lie” is being used less now. It hasn’t disappeared, but the media big-shots understand that Trump’s joking tweet is at least somehow vested in truth. 

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And that’s drivin’ em crazy. Especially the folks at Time. 

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The publication planted a story in the AP on Friday, sending out a tweet that Trump is “incorrect” about the “process” of choosing Person of the Year. 

But they’re not denying that the phone call was placed! 

More from Politico:

“The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6,” Time said in a tweet.

The pushback came after Trump tweeted earlier Friday that he was contacted by Time and told that he would “probably” be selected as the publication’s “Person of the Year.” He said he turned down the distinction, because the magazine did not guarantee him the spot.

Trump was named the Time “Person of the Year” in December 2016, after vanquishing Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

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Common folks stretch the truth when telling a funny story. Trump’s sense of humor allows him to connect with everyday Americans. 

It also exposes a lot of two-faced phonies in the ruling class. 

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