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President Trump’s Brilliant 2-Year Plan to Expose Treason!

Absolutely brilliant.


Sean Hannity is starting to cover this on his show.  He did three segments on it just this week.

Folks…..the lid is about to blow right off the top of this thing.  Please stay patient and keep watching.  I believe Donald Trump has an absolutely brilliant master plan that he’s been working on for at least two years now.  So brilliant it’s caught the Clintons, Obamas and Podestas completely off-guard.

It’s all laid out in this brilliant 12 minute video.  Please trust me, take time and watch it.  Bookmark this if you can’t watch it right now.

It lays out a theory that President Trump has laid the biggest sting operation in American history, trapping the Clintons, Podesta, Obama and all their crooked friends.

We don’t know yet if the theory will prove accurate, but it is just brilliant.  The sort of thing you would not put past Donald Trump to pull off!

The video does a better job than I could ever summarize, and it’s only 12 minutes long, so please do yourself the favor and watch and enjoy!

But if you can’t want, here is the brief summary.

The short summary is that in 2015 or earlier, Donald Trump was tipped off the the UraniumOne corruption.  Corruption at the highest levels of government.  Trump was brought into confidence by a patriot American or a group of patriots because they viewed him as outside the Swamp and one of the one people in the country powerful enough to take down the criminal operation.  They knew Trump loved America and would not be able to ignore the details once he was told.

Armed with the knowledge of the treason that had occured at the highest levels of our government, Trump knew he had one advantage.  The element of surprise.  Employing Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, he played that one advantage to an incredible outcome.  He knew the Clintons, Podestas and Obamas were in deep with Russia, so he employed the ultimate snare trap, a sting operation so brilliant that they never saw it coming.  They were so blinded by their hatred of Trump that they, and the Crooked Media, walked willingly right into his trap.

Trump began praising Putin, linking himself to Putin in blatantly obvious ways, knowing it would lead his enemies to launch a “Russian investigation”.  But knowing he was 100% clean, Trump had nothing to fear.  There was no collusion.  He also knew that the trap they set for him would be the one to ultimately ensnare them.  Kind of reminds me of Psalm 141:10:  “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety.”  That is Trump’s life verse!

So blinded by their hatred for him, the DNC and Media foolishly launched an investigation into the very thing they were so guilty of….collusion with Russia and treason against the United States.  The trap has now been set, the prey caught.  There are currently 17 sealed indictments filed that are suspected to be against the Clintons, Podestas and Obamas.  They will be unsealed soon.

This theory explains so much.  It explains why Jeff Sessions appears to not be doing anything, when really it’s all happening behind the scenes.  Remember, the element of surprise is key in The Art of War.  It also explains why Donna Brazille recently sold out Hillary Clinton.  Brazille knows Clinton is about to go down and she’s trying to distance herself.

Anyway….please watch the video.  I didn’t create it, but I believe it to be absolutely brilliant!

If true, Donald Trump will sit alone atop the mountain of American greats.  Beyond even Washinton or Lincoln, Trump will go down in history as the single greatest American President we have ever had or ever will have in the future.  Mark it down.


Go Trump!

Comments welcome below....can't wait to read them.  

You think we will see this come to pass?

Trump will go down as the best President of all time, bar none.  


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