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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ADMITS The Clintons Have Raped And Abused Innocent Women!

In an against-the-grain tweet, liberal huckster Chris Hayes says Democrats must admit that a sexual predator has been at the top of their party for decades.


Hayes tweeted on Friday that the Dems must have a “reckoning” with sexual misconduct allegations against former POTUS Bill Clinton.


Incredibly, Hayes went so far as to tweet an archived Buzzfeed story concerning Juanita Broaddrick’s rape and character-assassination charges against Bill and Hillary Clinton. 


Broaddrick says Bill Clinton raped her in the late 70s.

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Bill’s victim spoke out in defense of President Trump when the Clintons tried to smear him as a sex offender in 2016.

“Actions speak louder than words. Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don’t think there’s any comparison,” she said. 

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