Happy 1-Year Trump-iversary!

Relive the best moments of election day.

What a glorious year it has been!

One year ago we sent the Washington DC establishment notice that there time is numbered.

In the year that has followed, President Trump has been engaged in a very real battle with Deep State a/k/a Shadow Government and even the Dark State.  And he has landed many heavy blows, even though the Crooked Media would have you believe the exact opposite.  But that’s just Fake News, we’re used to it.

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I can’t wait to see what he does in his next 7 years in office!

Now on this 1st year anniversary, we wanted to flashback to two absolutely beautiful election night moments.

Please enjoy:

Watch Rachel Maddow Get's That Smug Grin Wiped Off Her Face:

You can literally watch her face melt and grin wipe away in real time.

It's glorious.

The exact moment the anchor's realized Trump had won:

Such a beauty.

I have no doubt watched this 50 times in the past year. 

Here's to another viewing!  

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Cheers friends!  



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