President Trump Has Perfect Response to Reporter's Question About Gun Control

President Trump Has Perfect Response to Reporter’s Question About Gun Control

Thank goodness this man is our President!

Bravo, President Trump, bravo!

One of my favorite things is when people have such clarity of vision that they cannot be distracted or swayed by false siren sounds like crooked reporters.

Donald Trump just proved again that he is rock solid in his undrestanding of our Constitution and in his convictions.

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Dopey Question

In this video above, this dopey journalist with what can only be described as "crazy eyes" asks President Trump what she believes is her magnum opus.  A gotcha question she no doubt stayed up all night rehearsing.

But it bounced off Trump with a loud clang and fell to the ground completely defeated.

In the video, she asks him:  "You want extreme vetting for immigrants, shouldn't we have that for gun control?"

Of course, the question suggests an unconstitutional destruction of our Second Amendment, but Trump doesn't even start there.  He starts by pointing out that maybe it's not the most appropriate time or place for such a stupid question.  

Exactly right Mr. President.

But then he goes on to answer the question, bringing conviction and clarity of thought.  

President Trump rightly points out that doing what this reporter suggests would have made no difference in the situation, except that it probably would have made things worse.

The bad guy would have still found a way to get a gun.  But the good guy who fired bullets back in the opposite direction may not have had one.

As President Trump rightly says, "instead of having 26 dead, you may have had hundreds dead."

The reporter was soundly defeated.  

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Thank you President Trump for always standing strong on what you believe and on our Constitution and shared values!

It is more important now than ever!

Please LIKE + SHARE if you agree with our President!

Let's show him that America is behind him!

Your response was pitch-perfect, Mr. President, and we are so proud of you!  We've got your back, all 70 million of us!

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