New York Post Declares Trump Presidency A Success - Economy "Skyrocketing" Just One Year After Election!

New York Post Declares Trump Presidency A Success – Economy “Skyrocketing” Just One Year After Election!

Jonathon Trugman argues that Year One of Donald Trump's Presidency has lifted the American economy, to the "chagrin of every Democrat and half the Republicans."

A front-page editorial in the New York Post is saying what other major publications are afraid to say – that President Trump has had a tremendous positive effect on the American economy.

Trugman writes that Trump went to work before even taking office, persuading auto and airplane manufacturers to keep precious factory jobs in the United States.

A year after Trump won the election, the stock market and consumer confidence are at record levels. Unemployment is at its lowest in 17 years.

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Furthermore, the GDP survived a brutal hurricane season to remain above 3% quarterly…something that “experts” said would be impossible for Trump.

More from the NYP:

Just look at the gross domestic product. President Trump’s first full quarter in office was Q2, which notched 3.1 percent growth. And for Q3, despite the two hurricanes in succession, he posted 3.0 percent growth.

Better still, the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow — the most accurate live predictor of economic growth — had Q4 pegged at 4.5 percent growth, which it lowered it to 3.3 percent after October’s jobs report on Friday.

It’s a welcome reprieve from the eight years of President Obama’s miserable 1.6 percent average, and an unmatched achievement by any other president in our history.

Trump’s three quarters of 3 percent and up GDP growth cements the shifts toward the American economy and the American worker’s mindset.

Unemployment under Trump plummeted to 4.1 percent as of October’s jobs report, released on Friday. That is a 16-year low.

Today, at more than three-quarters of a point improvement in unemployment, wages have begun to rise.

In the third quarter, wages grew 0.7 percent, up from 0.5 percent in the second quarter. Wage growth, which is the byproduct of corporate profit growth and tighter employment, is finally making its way to the paycheck. But there’s plenty of catch-up needed to make up for the unprosperous past eight years.

It should come as no surprise that consumer confidence is skyrocketing, hitting 125.9 in October — that’s the highest level since December 2000.

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It’s strange, weren’t we used to seeing LOTS of economic news on cable TV?

Wonder why it’s missing now…


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