ANTIFA's Plan to Overthrow Trump Failed Miserably and They're Getting Trolled Hard Online!

ANTIFA’s Plan to Overthrow Trump Failed Miserably and They’re Getting Trolled Hard Online!

What did you really expect from a bunch of people living in their parents' basements?

ANTIFA……the big, bad movement of basement dwellers, declared months ago that November 4 was going to be their big day.

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Yes, they took out full page newspaper ads, online ads, anywhere they could spout their hatred to tell everyone that on November 4 they were going to overthrown the Trump/Pence “regime”.

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They even called it a “hostile revolution”.  

Well, today is November 4 and their “hostile revolution” failed very badly.  

Check this out, it’s hilarious, and they’re getting trolled SO HARD online.

ANTIFA losers getting mocked to their face!

This is awesome!

More mocking right to their face!

This sign says "Low T Commie".

Low T means low testosterone.  

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support Trump Declaring ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization?

In other words, lady men!  Yup, that's ANTIFA!

Here's a live video of one of the lame events

Patriots in Austin overshadow the dopey ANTIFA nerds

Best for last: the "ANTIFA Super Soldier"

Well, to be fair, this would terrify anyone!


Please upvote and share this to show everyone the big ANTIFA fail!

Basement dwelling losers, not much more to see here!

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