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FAKE NEWS: Everything In Ukraine Is A Movie?


Ahhh, I remember that time during World War II where Roosevelt and Churchill took time off from the war effort to hang out with some Hollywood celebrities.

Don’t you?

Wait, you mean that never happened?

You mean they didn’t pose for ridiculous pictures like the one below?

And what is it with this Zelensky creep and his inability to wear anything other than a ratty old army green colored shirt?

Oh wait…that’s because he’s just an actor playing a role.

Quite literally, you do know his history right?

He’s an actor turned head of the entire country.

And actors have to wear costumes, right?

No, I’m not saying the entire war is fake.

Sadly, there are people being sent out there to die by both sides on a daily basis.

I’m saying the NARRATIVE they’re giving you is 100% staged and fake.

And they’re sending in their Hollywood stooges to do it:

It reminds me exactly of this….👇

Anyone else?

Zelensky Takes Time Off From WW3 To Shoot a Netflix Show!

What do you do when you’re engaged in World War 3, allegedly under siege by Russia, and spending billions of dollars a day on the war?

Naturally, you take a break and go on Letterman.

Are you kidding me?

Sadly not.

This is real folks.

And as for Letterman, I’m on record as saying I like him.

He’s the last Late Night host who was genuinely funny.

And that’s all I’ll say for Letterman right now.

But for real, check this out…in the middle of a war?

Is anyone buying this nonsense anymore?



Hey, they’ve even got a studio audience, how nice!

Meanwhile, Ukraine reportedly sits without basic electricity:

I have a feeling the Zelensky con will not persist much longer…

This may be the final straw:

I miss the gold old days when David Letterman and Norm Macdonald would hang out and it would be genuinely funny.

Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter had to say:

Letterman recently traveled to Kyiv to interview Zelensky as the president leads his country’s efforts to turn back the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fighting between the two nations is in its 10th month.

The interview will run as a stand-alone episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction before the end of the year (a specific date hasn’t been set). The interview will be the show’s first with an active head of state; Letterman interviewed former U.S. President Barack Obama in My Next Guest’s first episode in 2018.

Zelensky is a former comedian and TV star himself, having played the lead role in a comedy series called Servant of the People — about a history teacher who is elected president of Ukraine — before running in and winning the 2019 presidential election.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction features longform interviews between Letterman and a guest. The show’s four seasons and 24 episodes have featured the likes of Will Smith, Tina Fey, Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, Howard Stern and Malala Yousafzai, among others. There’s no word yet on a fifth season.

This isn’t even the first time he’s done something like this.

Remember when he took time off from the war to ring the opening bell for the stock market?

Yes, really:

Zelensky Rings The Opening Bell At The NYSE?

Shakespeare once said: “All the world’s a stage.”

And he may have been prophetic, on account of the fact it feels like we are watching a movie.

After all, how else do you explain this?

You might think that’s the Babylon Bee and it’s satire, but you’d be wrong.

“Not The Bee” is hard news.

Yes, folks, a man allegedly at war with Russia for over 6 months fighting for his life had enough time and resources to Zoom call the NYSE and ring the opening bell.

Are you freaking kidding me?

A true insult to our intelligence…

Watch here:

Still don’t believe it?

Covered by MarketWatch:

MarketWatch reports he just needs to raise more funds to win the war and increase investment in the Ukraine:

That was Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, making remarks as he — virtually — rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Zelensky used the platform to kick off a promotional campaign called “Advantage Ukraine.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 23. Fighting continues in the south and east of Ukraine more than six months later, with Ukraine defying expectations for a quick defeat. Billions in aid and weapons from Western nations have flowed into the country. Western powers have hit Moscow with sweeping sanctions in an effort to isolate its economy.

Really bro?

Hasn’t the U.S. given you like 130 BILLION dollars?

For real, I think that’s the number.

That’s still not enough?

Where is all this money going?

The Hill had more details:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky virtually rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday as he asked investors to support Ukraine in national projects and in its defense against the ongoing Russian invasion.

Zelensky officially signaled the market was open for the day as he pitched to investors on the world’s largest stock exchange, requesting they support his promotional campaign looking to attract investors to the nation’s projects.

“We have united the whole world around our struggle for freedom, we are liberating Ukrainian territory from the Russian army,” Zelensky said. “We are giving you and your companies the opportunity to work with us.
“Invest in Ukraine — this will be your victory,” the Ukrainian president added.

The program, Advantage Ukraine, comprises a wide array of projects seeking financial investors, including for national defense, infrastructure, natural resources and in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s part of Ukraine’s push to rebuild the nation, establish a stronger corporate network and attract foreign investors.

Advantage Ukraine has already won over key investors, including Microsoft and Google parent company Alphabet.
Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, expressed support Tuesday for “the launch of Advantage Ukraine and the positive vision it lays out for Ukraine’s economic future.”
“As we continue to help support Ukraine through our platforms and tools — and counter dangerous misinformation online — it’s important that we also support Ukrainian businesses working to sustain and grow their economy,” Pichai said in a statement.

The good news?

Not everyone is buying it.

In fact, many people are calling out the absurdity:

Oh, and did you know this?

Here’s what the MSM won’t tell you…but we will:

FACT-CHECK: Is Zelensky Is “New World Order”?

Well, this is disappointing but it must be printed.

I’ve been warning you all for weeks: DO NOT TRUST THE MSM!

Any time the MSM is pushing a single narrative, you know it’s probably disinformation.

In other words: Fake News!

And the Fakest of all News recently has been President Zelensky of the Ukraine as a white hat good guy.

It appears nothing could be farther from the truth.

Earlier this week we covered this:

Are Russian Airstrikes Targeting U.S. Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine?

And I’ve given you my in-depth thoughts on Russia/Ukraine here:

Are Russian Airstrikes Targeting U.S. Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine?

Now I want to take a moment to focus on Zelensky himself…

Something about him has never sat right with me.

I think it started when they used his phone call with President Trump as the basis for the first phony impeachment.

NOT an accident, trust me.

This Deep State stooge was hand-selected to play a role.

But now let’s dig deeper…

Is he Deep State?

Well, he certainly supports the New World Order and all their Demonic, Luciferian symbolism.

Just take a look at this:


Ok, how many Masonic symbols can we find in one image

You have the 666 (“ok”) symbol…

Then you have the Devil Horns…

Then you have the “V” which is symbolic of the Devil…

And finally you have about a million “one eye” images.

The all-seeing eye.

The Eye of Horus.



All just coincidences that he keeps posing like that, I’m sure.

Maybe he just has a lot of eye problems?

Maybe he always wanted to be an Eye Doctor?


But I’m not the only one catching on.

There are MANY people seeing it and commenting to expose him.

Take a look:



Devil horns:

Maybe Putin isn’t the bad guy the MSM says he is?

Not a group I want to be associated with!

More here:

And remember this?

The bribery and threats?

And we end with a real gem on Rumble:


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