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LIFELINE: Did You Know You Can Call Mike Lindell If You Need Help? New Number!


Ok, ok….I guess I should come clean, you may not be able to literally call Mike personally.

Sorry, I got carried away, I know!

But you can call MyPillow and a real human and a HELPFUL human will answer the phone!

Oh and they will speak English too!

Don’t underestimate how nice that is!

One of my biggest pet peeves these days is everything is online and you can never talk to a real human being.

You get stuck somewhere on a website or something isn’t working right and there is literally no one to call.

No at MyPillow.

By the way, why do I spend so much time talking about MyPillow?

It’s simple….because Patriots stick together!

MyPillow has been “cancelled” by over 20 major retailers all because Mike Lindell dared to support President Trump and call for FAIR elections!

Look at everywhere he has been banned:

Mike stood up for President Trump so we stand up for him!

Purchase direct from and cut out the middle man….who needs ’em anyway!

Plus, when you use promo code WLT you can save 66%!

Don’t pay for the expensive retail overhead of places like Bed Bath & Beyond or JC Penney….buy direct from Mike and cut those relics out!

Now let’s get back to the point of this article….

If you get stuck along the way at any point, or if you just want some help completing your order, you can do the entire thing over the phone!

What a concept!

Here’s the free 1-800 number you can call to place an order:

That’s 1-800-889-2932 to talk to a dedicated person speaking English.

You know what else?

That is a SPECIAL 800 number ONLY for readers of WeLoveTrump.

How cool is that?

And here’s a free 1-800 number you can call for any customer service issue:

A real person (probably not Mike, sorry) will answer the phone and they will be actually helpful!

What a concept!

Now, let me tell you my PERSONAL favorite items that Mike sells.

Everything is great, but in my opinion these are the rock stars.

First, it’s the Giza Cotton Sheets.

Hands down the best bed sheets I have ever bought.

I have 4 sets and I will never buy anything else ever again.

Real talk!

A close second is the towels.

And here’s a pro tip….don’t just get the “bath towel”….get the Bath Sheet!

It’s bigger and wraps around you really nicely!

I’ve bought the high-end towels from Bed Bath and Beyond before and guess what?  They suck!  The are so “soft” that they don’t actually soak up any water!

Mike’s towels are super soft and they actually….soak up water!  Imagine that, a towel actually doing what it’s designed to do!

My third favorite is the weighted blanket.

I’m just gonna say this….if you’ve never actually slept with a weighted blanket before, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Don’t think about it, just trust me….order one!  (promo code WLT to save $$$)

Here’s one more bonus one:  they actually sell a full mattress too!

If anyone has ever purchased one, I’d LOVE to know what you think.

Leave a comment down below or email me with your review.

I am considering buying one but I’d like to hear from someone first who has one.

If Mike made it, you know it’s going to be high quality, but I’m having trouble deciding between the coil and the foam mattress.


Ok, that’s a wrap.

And THANK YOU for your support of Mike!

When we all band together and support our own, we CAN and DO make a big difference!


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