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WATCH: Fiery Exchange Between Jim Jordan And Stacey Plaskett


Jim Jordan is the gift that keeps on giving.

Few republicans can match his unwavering commitment to the truth, as well as his willingness to call out BS when he sees it.

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett just found that out the hard way.

Plaskett, a former RINO turned democrat, tried to pull one over on Jordan during the House Judiciary hearing on the Twitter Files.

Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger were called to testify by republicans for their part in releasing threads of the files.

Plaskett and other democrats immediately pounced on republicans by claiming that the two witnesses were public scribes of Elon Musk who only presented “cherry picked” evidence designed to help republicans.

The only problem is that both journalists were democrats.

At one point, things got quite testy between Jordan and Plaskett.

Jordan went ‘scorched Earth’ on Plaskett for falsely claiming that the two journalists were somehow there to help the republicans politically.

Things got heated quickly as reported by Daily Mail:

Jordan claimed that Twitter executives were tipped off that the Bidens would be the target of a ‘hack and leak operation’ by U.S. government officials, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

‘What a coincidence,’ Jordan snarked.

Plaskett retorted that Republicans are pushing a misleading narrative and possess questionable motives.

‘There is something going on between Congressional Republicans and Elon Musk,’ she said. ‘Mr. Chairman, Americans can see through this. Musk is helping you out politically, and you’re going out of your way to promote and protect him, and to praise him for his work.’

‘Ridiculous!’ snapped Jordan as he continued to bicker with Plaskett, who complained that the Democrats didn’t get access to letters from the Federal Trade Commission until 8 p.m. the night before the hearing.

It was all downhill from there!

Check this out:

Jordan proved his points during his interview with the two witnesses.

The Hill has more on the bad day for Congresswoman Plaskett:

Democrats accused the House majority of choosing witnesses to advance a false narrative after former Twitter executives testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing last month that they did not have knowledge of Democrats making direct demands to remove content.

“Republicans have brought in two of Elon Musk’s public scribes to release cherry-picked, out of context emails and screenshots designed to promote his chosen narrative — Elon Musk’s chosen narrative that is now being parroted by the Republicans because the Republicans think these witnesses will tell a story that is going to help them out politically,” said Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands), ranking member of the subcommittee.

Later in her opening statement, she referred to both Taibbi and Shellenberger as “so-called journalists,” which Taibbi later dinged her for in his own statement.

“Ranking member Plaskett, I’m not a so-called journalist. I’ve won the National Magazine Award, the I.F. Stone Award for independent journalism and I’ve written 10 books, including four New York Times best-sellers,” he said, as Jordan could be heard laughing in the background.

Plaskett later seemingly tried her best to out the sources of the two journalists.

This wasn’t a good look for her:


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