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Introducing Dr. Anita B. Etin


Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Anita B. Etin.

Or at least to the Twitter account under that name.

And get ready to laugh….a lot!

But there’s also a serious point to this that I’ll get to in a minute.

So this is a parody account where this “lady” (or whoever runs the account) constantly posts puns about being fat, but all under the guise of her taking “fatphobia” seriously.

She never breaks character.

And of course if you haven’t figured it out by now, just say her name fast out loud:

Ok, so now you’re in on the joke.

I’ll tell you the serious point in a minute, but first here are some of the posts to give you an idea:

They get better and better:



The reply comments are sometimes even funnier than the posts:

You’re gonna definitely want to give her a Follow because I crack up reading them every day.

Oh, and follow me too while you’re at it:

But now I want to explain the serious point of this article, because there is one.

The serious point is that even though this is a parody account obvious to most people, it’s not obvious to everyone….

Especially not to Liberals.

Several Liberals have taken this serious and bought it hook, line and sinker!

They’ve bought it so hard, like Dr. Anita B. Etin going through the Arby’s drive-thru!

These people not only bought it but it’s like they added it to their list of causes they have to virtue signal about.

It’s both hilarious and sad.

This video highlights some of the Far Lefties who can’t tell parody from real life….probably because most of their life is more ridiculous than a parody!

This is solid gold, enjoy:

I told ya it was hilarious!


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