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Doctor Exposes MRNA Bioweapon, Ivermectin and the POWER of Vitamin D!


Spread this one far and wide!

You might just save a life!

Talk about a guy whose got his act together….meet Dr. Ryan Cole.

This guy is sharp and you can tell he’s one of the “real” scientists.

I have nothing against science…

What I despise is “scientism” and using fake science to push an agenda.

This guy is showing us how it’s really supposed to be done.

Such a wonderful presentation that I absolutely had to share it with you….and once you watch I have no doubt you will want to share it with everyone you know.

Here’s why my friends over at The Phaser had to say:

DR. RYAN COLE, a Medical Doctor in Idaho speaks about the Covid-19 corona virus and about the mRNA vaccine which is not a vaccine but a gene modifier which is an experimental treatment. More importantly the doctor talks about the great importance of vitamin D and how it has a big impact on the health of your immune system. He also talks about how safe and very effective Ivermectin is for treating Covid-19 and new viral variants that would arise. The mRNA jabs killed all animals in animal trials of the past, and animals share a majority of the same DNA as humans do. Common Sense tells us shots that are bad for them are generally bad for us, medications that are good for them are good good for us. Humans are animals too. He also mentions about how masks do nothing to protect you from viruses and are useless for that purpose. Please share this video with everyone.

You can watch the FULL message safely here on Rumble:


He’s right and he’s now been VINDICATED by a new study…

NOW ADMITTED: Vitamin-D Has A “Significant Decrease” In COVID Infection/Mortality

Gee, who would have known?

Vitamin D was actually highly effective in treating, stopping, preventing and mitigating COVID.

Who would have known?

Well, us for one.

We shouted this from the rooftops from Day 1!

In fact, I think I may be one of the largest Vitamin D sellers in the world after I kept imploring everyone to get some and take it regularly!

Who else would have known?

All the doctors that got banned from social media and their medical licenses taken away for promoting things like Vitamin D, Ivermectin and other simple remedies!

Who should have known?

The MSM.

Big Tech.

Big Pharma.

Oh, I believe they certainly did know, but you know what the problem is?

Vitamin D is CHEAP!

And not patented!

And they needed us locked up in our houses for so many reasons…

To complete the 2020 Steal…

To demoralize the people…

To weaken America…

And so they could NOT allow the truth about Vitamin D to actually be admitted.

Yet here we are 2 years later and the truth has now came out.

It works.

It works really well.


Check this out:

And this:

And this:

From PeterSweden’s Substack:

Do you remember when years ago at the beginning of the pandemic, some people said it would be a good idea to take vitamin D and that it could possibly help against covid?

Of course, they were called conspiracy theorists and vilified. Especially those who talked about a certain “horse paste” were very much attacked by the media. No, only crazy people would take something like that. The science had spoken!

We would have to wait for some official new medicine from Pfizer to safely treat covid they said, a treatment that also happened to be very expensive and would make a lot of money…

As as you probably know, more or less the only treatment we have been offered for covid is the mRNA vaccines, a technology that hasn’t been widely used before. Take the vaccine and you would not get covid they said.

In unrelated news… A cruise ship in Australia just had 800 people onboard get infected with covid. What the media isn’t telling you is that everyone onboard had to be fully vaccinated AND tested. Very effective!

It turns out there is in fact a very cheap, safe and effective thing that protects against covid – That thing is called vitamin D!

By the way, this article is so important that I will not be putting any kind of paywall on it even though it took me a long time to write, as the information here can help save lives. So please take a few seconds to make sure you follow me (it’s free) here on Substack, and share this article everywhere you can! Or if you want to support my work and help me write more important articles like this, please consider becoming a paid subscriber 🙂

A new study published in the prestigious nature magazine has indeed found that vitamin D not only reduced your risk of getting infected with covid, but also lowers the risk of death.

This study is no small study either. Over 600 000 U.S veterans took part in the study, so we are getting good reliable data here. And they used different versions of vitamin D, one called vitamin D2 and the other vitamin D3 and they both produced different results.

So what does the study show?

For the participants who got vitamin D3, there was a nice 20% reduction in getting infected with covid. For those who got vitamin D2, there was large 28% reduction in covid infections.

Meaning that if you took vitamin D2, you would be almost 30% less likely to even be infected by covid to begin with. That is huge.

But for those who took a very high level dose of vitamin D, the reduction in covid infections was even higher. At an average daily dosage of 50 000 IU of vitamin D in people who had low levels to begin with, there was a 49% reduction in covid infections.

It turns out that the higher the vitamin D dosage, the lower the risk for infection. Interesting.

What about covid deaths?

Here is where things get very interesting indeed. Let’s begin by saying that among the untreated group, only 0.35% died from covid. So the death rate is pretty low to begin with. But there is a way to lower this death rate significantly…with vitamin D

For those who took vitamin D3, there was a massive 33% REDUCTION in deaths within 30 days after a covid infection.

Not only that, but there was actually another study done in Andalusia which saw the exact same 33% reduction in deaths. Two different studies done in different places giving the same result? I think that is what we call real science!

So you reduce the risk of getting covid. You reduce the risk of dying after covid by taking vitamin D, a safe, effective and very cheap treatment. Why isn’t this all over the news? HELLO!?!?!

Read the full Substack here.

More here:

And here:

And here:

And here:

From Becker News:

A ‘Nature’ report published in mid-November called the “Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality” is cause for concern for lockdown proponents.

Vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with reduced immune function that can lead to viral infection. Several studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increases the risk of infection with COVID-19. However, it is unknown if treatment with Vitamin D can reduce the associated risk of COVID-19 infection, which is the focus of this study. In the population of US veterans, we show that Vitamin D2 and D3 fills were associated with reductions in COVID-19 infection of 28% and 20%, respectively [(D3 Hazard Ratio (HR) = 0.80, [95% CI 0.77, 0.83]), D2 HR = 0.72, [95% CI 0.65, 0.79]]. Mortality within 30-days of COVID-19 infection was similarly 33% lower with Vitamin D3 and 25% lower with D2 (D3 HR = 0.67, [95% CI 0.59, 0.75]; D2 HR = 0.75, [95% CI 0.55, 1.04]).

We also find that after controlling for vitamin D blood levels, veterans receiving higher dosages of Vitamin D obtained greater benefits from supplementation than veterans receiving lower dosages. Veterans with Vitamin D blood levels between 0 and 19 ng/ml exhibited the largest decrease in COVID-19 infection following supplementation. Black veterans received greater associated COVID-19 risk reductions with supplementation than White veterans. As a safe, widely available, and affordable treatment, Vitamin D may help to reduce the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The statistical analysis showed that “Vitamin D3 supplementation was associated with a 33% lower risk of COVID-19 infection ending in mortality within 30 days,” the study noted. “However, results for vitamin D2 were statistically insignificant.”

Vitamin D insufficiency affects almost 50% of the population worldwide. Vitamin D supplements may have been helpful not only for treatment and prevention of Covid-19 treatment, but a host of other chronic illnesses. It was a win/win for the patients to get more sunshine and Vitamin D supplements, but arguably, a loss for public health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry that had gone into overdrive pushing a ‘vaccines or nothing’ Covid response.

Who will be held accountible?

Here’s what we told you all along….


Before we go any further, let me give you my standard disclaimer:

I am not a doctor.  I’m not giving medical advice.  I’m not claiming I can treat or cure any medical disease.  

There, we good?

We on the same page?

I am a reporter and an investigator and I love interviewing smart people.  Interesting people.  People who have something that can help the world!

Ok, let’s continue….

Because I’m very excited to share this with you and I think it might help a lot of people.

I want to talk about the poison vaxx and it’s damaging effects….

I know many people were forced into taking it.

Threatened with the loss of their jobs….

Shamed into taking it…

Bribed into taking it….

Conned into thinking you had to take it to “help Grandma”.

Whatever the case, millions of people now regret it and they want it OUT of their body!

I can’t guarantee results, but after talking with Chris Burres at C60 Evo I am so encouraged about what this might do for you.

We talked about how similar it is to Glutathione and how it removes free radicals and bad actors from your body.

Want to remove graphine?

Want to remove poison nano-particles?

Give your body a fighting chance!

I’ll let Burres explain in his own words…

Watch here on Rumble:

ESS60: The Secret To Overcoming The Poison Vaxx?

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Check out the testimonials too:

There are a ton on the website, read them here:

And that’s not even to mention the Hair Restoration Product they just launched!

I love C60 and I personally take it every day.

Here’s more about why:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Is C60 Your “Secret Weapon” To Staying Healthy?

Hi friends, Noah here with a Special Report!

I want to take a moment to break from the news and talk about something that is vitally important:  your “vitals”!

Your health is something that is more important now than ever before, so I had Chris Burres from C60 Evo back on my show to talk about what I’m calling the “secret weapon” to staying healthy.

Why secret?

Because most people have never heard about C60, but it’s the real deal….that is, if you consider winning a “Nobel Prize” the real deal.

Not a bad thing to have on your resume!

I had Burres on my show a few months ago and I received so many questions for him about C60 that I had to get him back on and go through all of them.

Now is NOT the time to take chances with your health….I think we can all agree on that, right?

So if some of these questions sound familiar, it might be because they came from you!

Before we go to the interview, let me give you a little more background….

First, let me give you my disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving you medical advice.  I’m not telling you this is going to treat or cure any condition you have.  I’m just telling you what I have personally experienced. Consult your own doctor before taking any vitamin, mineral, supplement or medicine.

Because I have been taking C60 for over a year now and I love it!

In fact, the only reason I ever connected with Burres in the first place is because I was such a fan of their product that I contacted them and asked if there was any way I could get them on the show!

And they were gracious enough to give their time (twice now) to come on and chat with me.

So let me talk to you for a bit about my personal experience with C60 over the past year and why I think it’s so vital to keeping my immune system at FULL STRENGTH….

C60 is a powerful antioxidant often described as the “perfect carbon molecule”.

It’s an antioxidant that has been measured to be 172x more powerful than Vitamin C!  How about that?

No, it’s not actually “Vitamin C” itself, it just has 172 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C, and that’s a big deal!

That’s like, 172 oranges!

You can’t eat 172 oranges, but you can protect and strengthen your body!

Not only is it an antioxidant, but it’s an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory.

I’ll tell you one thing….ever since I saw the Deep State going after Carbon and trying to tax carbon emissions with their Al-Gore Carbon Tax, I immediately knew one thing:  I bet Carbon is actually pretty good for you!

Turns out I was right.

Especially the Carbon-60 “perfect carbon molecule.”

So once I learned more about it, I then set out to find where to buy it from the most reputable company.

I found there are a lot of companies selling C60 that might actually be bad for you and toxic (not fit for human consumption!), so I found the one that has the highest standards and safest, most continually-tested product out there….and that was C60 Evo.

I’ve been personally taking C60 for over a year and feel amazing so in light of all the health issues plaguing our nation right now, I decided I’d have one of its founders, Chris Burres, back on my show.

We kept this interview a little shorter so listen closely as we move FAST through a ton of details.

If you’re ready to:

👉 Get better, deep and restful sleep….

👉 Have more energy during the day…

👉 Experience less negative effects after drinking alcohol…

👉 Keep your immune system in prime condition…

….then you need to hear this interview.

Watch right here from Rumble:

To visit their website go to 👉

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Backup here on YouTube:

To visit their website go to 👉

Use promo code EVNOAH to save 10%.

Now….want even more on an immune-boosting health plan?

Look no further than my friend Clif High.

Clif has routinely promoted C60 in the past and here is even more of what he recommends.

Take a look:

If that Tweet gets taken down, here is a screenshot of what he posted:

I’m going to give you my disclaimer once again…..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor and I don’t practice medicine.

And neither is Clif!

Neither of us is giving you medical advice.  NOTHING in this article is medical advice.



I’m just reporting on what others have said.

But let’s be honest….I think I can probably do better than the “doctors” like Dr. Fraudci, Dr. Birxx who lie to you and serve you up a big heaping pile of propaganda!

You can probably take whatever they tell you to do and just do the opposite and you’d probably be pretty close to an ideal course of action!

So no, I’m not a doctor, but if being a doctor puts you in the same class as Dr. FRAUDci, then I take not being a doctor as a badge of honor.

I’m a reporter.

I simply report what I hear and see from others.

To paraphrase a once great network: I report, you decide!

But what I can report is that it sure looks like some very basic stuff can drastically help you recover and protect your body going forward!

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chaga Mushroom Tea, C60, and of course hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin may be highly effective!

If you scroll down, I have links for you.

And let’s consider the worst case scenario…..taking more vitamins is almost never a bad thing, right?

Your body needs them regardless of what virus is floating around out there.

As long as you don’t take too much of the fat-soluble vitamins, it’s almost NEVER a bad thing to give your body more vitamins.

Now let me give you a little more background on Clif and why he’s making these recommendations….

Watch this video where Clif High explains what the spike protein is actually doing to your body, why it is definitely a bio-weapon, and how each of the items listed above can help:

Here is one more where he goes into even more detail and in this one he talks about the power of C60 and why you need to get some!

Ever since you were a kid, you were told to get your vitamins!

It’s basic advice that was good then and is still good now!

You need large doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to maintain certain blood levels, and then Clif recommends C60 too.

Watch the interview here from Rumble (they discuss it in the first 10 minutes) and then scroll down for links to where you can get the best of each item:

If you want to follow Clif’s advice, here are some links to the products I like to use.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link to NAC on Amazon because Amazon banned it.

One of the oldest and most trusted supplements in the bodybuilding industry and Amazon suddenly banned it right now.


So we go with the rest of the list….

First is Glutathione:

You want to get “Liposomal” Vitamin C, very important.

And in case that sells out, which tends to happen, this is another good Liposomal Vitamin C:

Now on to Vitamin D.

Here is my current favorite and the one I personally take:

And a backup Vitamin D3:

And Chaga Mushroom Tea:

And here is the Zinc Balance:

And we end with C60.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been personally taking C60 for over a year and I have not came down with COVID.  Not saying it treats or prevents COVID, I’m just saying my experience.

Regardless of COVID, I love taking it and have noticed multiple benefits.

Here’s what many people have reported:

C60 is a powerful antioxidant (172x the power of Vitamin C), antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  

I liked it so much I actually contacted the company and got everyone who is reading this a deal.

The company is called C60Evo.

Go to their website here and then be sure to use promo code EVNOAH and you’ll get 10% off your order!

I love this stuff and I think you will too.

Cheers to good health and a big thank you to Clif High for putting out this information!

No, I’m not promising you won’t get COVID, but I am saying that TAKING YOUR VITAMINS and powerful ANTIOXIDANTS is a good idea!

Be smart.

Be safe.

Be healthy!


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