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Revisiting Pastor Dana Coverstone’s “Three Prophetic Dreams” — Trump Suddenly Missing?


Thanks to @Soldier1 who posted in the comments of one of my articles here at WeLoveTrump that I needed to go back and revisit Dana Coverstone’s “three prophetic dreams” that he posted back in summer of 2020 before the election.

And he was right.

So a big thanks for that heads up.

What he was talking about is Dana had a vision of President Trump suddenly going missing in November.

Now he did “leave” the White House while the Resident has unlawfully occupied it after the big steal, but he hasn’t necessarily gone missing.

So…do we see that fulfilled this November?

It was a great reminder and I am enjoying listening to these again!

They sure stirred up a lot of controversy when they were originally posted because they did NOT present a good vision of the future.

But now as we look back…was he right?

It looks like maybe so.

First, as I pointed out at the time, the three dreams actually lined up with what some other prophets were saying:

Charlie Shamp, for example, said at the end of 2019 that he had a vision of D.C. burning in 2020.  Riots in the streets.  The biggest riot D.C. has ever seen.

Wow, do you think that was a reference to January 6?

Of course we all know that wasn’t a “riot” but it’s what the Dems try to claim it was!

I’d say Charlie nailed that one big time.

And that lined up with what Pastor Dana is saying.

And here’s the thing I found most concerning about his dreams and visions…..he specifically says it was November and D.C. was on fire (with Russian and Chinese soldiers present) and President Trump was no where to be found.

There haven’t been literal Russian and Chinese soldiers, but our country has certainly been invaded (from the inside) by China…as Biden gave away the U.S. to them in backroom deals!

And Trump most definitely is “missing” from the public scene.

Dana right again?

Ok, please watch and see what you think for yourself:

Now I'm not just gonna leave you there....

I'm gonna give you one more.

This guy is also very legit and his response I think hits the nail on the head.

If you feel uneasy or uncertain after watching the video above, you need to watch this one next:

Ok, after watching both but ONLY after watching both, please add your comments below and let me know what you think.

I am looking forward to reading them.



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