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CNN Medical Analyst Who Fiercely Promoted Masks Admits it ‘Harmed’ Her Child’s Development


CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who was a staunch mask advocate, now admits that forcing her child to wear one harmed his development.

Recall that Dr. Leana Wen has called for disgusting authoritarian responses to the COVID-19 plandemic.

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"Wen also previously entrenched a segregated society when she blamed people who hadn’t taken the jab for a COVID-19 “surge” while asserting 'we can’t trust the unvaccinated,'" Summit News noted.

She asserted that, “It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated,” claiming that it wasn’t currently difficult (despite unvaccinated individuals facing daily discrimination).

However, Wen started changing her tune earlier this year, declaring that “the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.”


"Wen also previously stated that children returning to school need to be forced to wear industrial grade face masks and should be subjected to weekly COVID tests until they are fully vaccinated," Summit News added.

But Wen has pulled a 180 on force masking children in schools.

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Wen states “It became clear that the goal I’d hoped for — containment of covid-19 — was not reachable. This coronavirus is here to stay.”

“With this new, indefinite time frame, the benefit-risk calculus of mitigation measures shifted dramatically. I was willing to limit my children’s activities for a year or two but not for their entire childhood,” she continues.

From The Washington Post:

Over the past several months, my family has eased back on our precautions. We see other families indoors, without masks or testing, and have resumed traveling and attending events. Our son, who turns 5 this week, started indoor soccer and indoor playdates. Our pandemic baby, now 2, went to day camp this summer. Both kids are starting school next week. Now that they are fully vaccinated, we do not plan to limit their activities, and — like most parents in their school — will not be masking them in the classroom.

I accept the risk that my kids will probably contract covid-19 this school year, just as they could contract the flu, respiratory syncytial virus and other contagious diseases. As for most Americans, covid in our family will almost certainly be mild; and, like most Americans, we’ve made the decision that following precautions strict enough to prevent the highly contagious BA.5 will be very challenging. Masking has harmed our son’s language development, and limiting both kids’ extracurriculars and social interactions would negatively affect their childhood and hinder my and my husband’s ability to work.

According to speech therapists, mask wearing has caused a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers.

From Summit News:

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Another study revealed how mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic have tumbled by as much as 22 points while verbal, motor and cognitive performance have all suffered as a result of lockdown.

A study published in the Royal Society Open Science journal found that lockdowns in the UK caused around 60,000 children to suffer clinical depression.

Figures show that 400,000 British children were referred to mental health specialists last year for things like eating disorders and self-harm.

Education experts have asserted that forcing schoolchildren to wear face masks has caused long lasting psychological trauma.

An Ofsted report also warned of serious delays in learning caused by lockdown restrictions.

“Children turning two years old will have been surrounded by adults wearing masks for their whole lives and have therefore been unable to see lip movements or mouth shapes as regularly,” states the report.


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