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X Out The Sun? Chemtrails EXPOSED!


Why do the so-called “Elites” seem to hate the sun so much?

They constantly warn of “global warming”…

They are obsessed with ways to block out the sun…

Which only tells me one thing: the Sun must be VERY important.

And never has a photo been more significant than one I snapped recently.

The photo you see above is a photo I actually took myself…two MASSIVE chemtrails in an “X” formation and it just so happened when I snapped the shot that they “X’ed” out the sun.

Fitting, isn’t it?

This makes me so furious, here’s what they are doing, it’s really almost beyond comprehension…

First, you have to understand these are NOT “frozen water vapors” like they try to claim.

Those are real and they are called “contrails” short for “condensation trails” and they are very short behind a plane and evaporate quickly.

Chemtrails are different.

They don’t go away quickly.

They grow and spread out over the entire sky over the course of an afternoon.

They’re often sprayed in X or cross-hatch patterns to get maximum coverage in the sky.

And…they contain heavy metals like aluminum, barium and now confirmed to have graphene.

All extremely toxic to humans.

I saw this on Twitter today and I was so encouraged to see other people getting it!

And this:

And this:

Smart people!

Now here’s the most insidious part: these evil “elites” are spraying these day after day after day literally poisoning the air we breathe and then they have the GALL to claim that humans are destroying the ozone layer by our use of carbon-based fossil fuels.

It’s true that humans are destroying the environment, but it’s not just by living.

It’s this small group of elite sickos who are literally spraying the skies day after day with toxic heavy metals!

Then they claim we have to join the Paris Accord and give up all our freedoms and pay yet another tax (a “carbon tax” — what a joke!).

It’s the same game plan they run over and over.


Cook up COVID in a biolab in Ukraine or China, release it to the public, use the MSM to hype it up and work everyone into a panic, and then tell everyone the only cure is to take their poison vaccine.

It’s the same cycle over and over and over again….

THEY create a problem, they use their propaganda machines in the MSM to work everyone into a panic, then THEY roll out their solution, which is usually worse than the problem!

Sick, sick, sick stuff!

Sean over at SGT Report just had Dane Wigington back on his show to talk more about this.

They go into everything in much greater detail and I really want you to watch this video.

Watch and then share.

We have to wake people up to what is literally being poisoned in the skies right above them!

And yes, they answer all the common questions like:

Aren’t they poisoning themselves too?  Why do it?

How do we know what metals are in the spray?

What video evidence do we have of the spraying?

Isn’t this just a “contrail”?  (Answer: No!)

Watch the full interview here on Rumble:

Now let’s dig in even more…

Here are a few more photos I took from a couple weeks ago while I was enjoying a nice afternoon at the park with my kids.

The day started off with big, beautiful blue skies…not a cloud in the sky.

And then, this started happening:

There still wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but there these things!


I just have to wonder what most people think when they look up and see this…

Serious question.

Here are the options I’ve come up with so far:

Option 1- they don’t even think about it.  Never even occurs to them.

Option 2- they think they are normal condensation trails (“contrails”) caused by planes.

Option 3- they know something is wrong but don’t know what or what they can do about it.

My hunch is over half the population falls into Option 1.

They are literally spraying heavy chemicals into the skies above us — into the air we breathe — and I have to believe if the majority of the people understood that and thought about it, there would be hell to pay.

But as it stands, I almost never hear anyone even question it.

Then I think there is a group of people like this Harvard Professor below, who I think fall into Option 2.

It can’t possibly be a “conspiracy” (even though all the other conspiracies seem to be coming true before our eyes).

No, they say — all explainable by science!

Besides, they say, the government couldn’t possibly keep something like that a secret!

And all the commercial airline pilots and crew couldn’t keep it a secret either, they say!

Watch the short video and then I’ll give my reaction:

Ok, so my take?

First, “compartmentalization” explains most of what the government keeps secret.

There are very, very few people who know the “whole picture” and the whole plan of any operation.

Everyone else just works on their small part and never has any idea or reason to question how it all fits together.

Second, no one who believes these are chemical trails believes they are attached to commercial airplanes.  That’s just stupid and an intentional red herring to alter the argument.

No, the people who believe these are chemical trails believe these are government planes or private planes or both.

Again, compartmentalized by a very small subset of people and probably people who get very specific and limited orders and are not told anything further.

Now let’s explore some more pictures and videos and you tell me if these look normal to you:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

My friends, these are NOT normal!

And they’re not just “condensation trails” either.

Let’s take a moment to address that.

Condensation trails DO exist and are normal.

In fact, back in the 1980s I remember seeing a lot of them.

I even remember as a kid watching them go across the sky and how quickly they disappeared.

Read that last part again: they ALWAYS quickly dissipated!

I even remember holding my finger up in the sky to track how quickly they would dissipate and go away completely (hey, we didn’t have anything else to do, there was no internet!).

But that’s a key point.

They NEVER lasted for longer than a very short stretch of the sky and they never spread out over time over the course of a whole afternoon.

Contrails exist, but they are VERY different from chemtrails.

Chemtrails have heavy chemicals designed to stay in the air and spread out.

They don’t dissipate.

They expand.

Big difference.

Now, here’s the real kicker…

Would you be surprised to know that the Deep State doesn’t even try to hide it?

They ADMIT it!

I find it so hilarious when people who think it’s a “conspiracy theory” try to defend them, and I want to just ask them….you do know that even the Deep Staters like John Brennan are admitting it?



The thing is, they don’t call them “chemtrails”.

No, that would be too obvious.

They call them “stratospheric aerosol injections”.

Which is a super fancy way of saying chemtrails.

Literally injecting heavy metals into the sky.

Other times they call them “geo-engineering”.

They all mean the same thing.

Here is the full video:

And because that will almost certainly be deleted by YouTube as soon as I post this, I made a backup.

Here it is on Rumble:

And confirmed here too:


MIT admitting it too:

And this:

And here:

The Deep State likes to call stuff like this “hidden in plain sight”.

Or is that in “plane” sight?

Would you please help us and share this everywhere?

Let’s get the truth out!

It absolutely boggles my mind how they are doing this every single day in the skies above us and it’s on display literally for the whole world to see and most people either don’t see it, don’t understand it, don’t question it or just don’t want to take the red pill and wake up.

Sorry folks, it’s time to wake up.

All the B.S. about “clean air” and the B.S. Paris Accord and all that garbage and in the meantime they are LITERALLY spraying the air with toxic metals on a DAILY basis.

Makes me furious.

It should make every single American furious.

It’s time to act.

But I want to know what you think…


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