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The Real Reason Washington State Is No.1 For UFO Sightings


They’re not foreign drones ladies and gentlemen…

Three-dimensional, trans-medium flight? 90-degree turns at several hundred g-forces? Breaking the sound barrier several times over with no sonic booms? Coming to a complete stop on a dime? No visible propulsion systems?

No visible flight surfaces? Falling from 70,000 ft to 1 ft above sea level in less than 1 second? All of this while flying in complete silence? These are capabilities not within our inventory nor any other foreign inventory.

If these were man-made aircraft the evidence would be everywhere. Our military—obsessed with maintaining full-spectrum dominance, would not be spending trillions to manufacture F-35 fighter jets and conventional drones.

China would not be doing everything it could to steal that coveted conventional fighter-jet technology, and these unidentified flying objects would not showcase an extreme interest in nuclear weapons and nuclear facilities.

This brings me to my next point: Washington State ranks number 1 in the U.S. for UFO/UAP sightings, and I think I know exactly why.

Numerous reports allege that these aircraft, whatever they are, show extreme interest in nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons facilities. Several reports indicate that these objects also have full control over nuclear missiles and launch sites.

They have, on more than one occasion, been reported as turning nuclear missiles on—necessitating a scramble on the part of U.S. military personnel to shut down the imminent nuclear launches.

The inverse is also true—these objects have been reported to completely disable nuclear weapons platforms and disable missiles mid-flight.

This chart from the November/December 2006 issue of the scientific journal,  Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists, indicates that Washington State has the largest nuclear stockpile of any state:

To me, this signals exactly why Washington State ranks as the place with the most UFO sightings in the United States, in fact, the 1st widely publicized sighting of UFOs was Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over Mount Rainer, Washington in 1947…

Whatever these objects are, they seem to be flocking to Washington State because of the massive stockpile of nuclear armaments there.

Here’s what we could dig up on the story:

Axios confirmed:

Washington residents have reported 6,812 UFO sightings to NUFORC, with the earliest reports dating to the 1940s.

That’s roughly 88 sightings per 100,000 residents — more than double the rate of reports from most states.


According to The Sun:

Mr Heseltine told The Sun Online: “It is likely that when the US detonated the first atomic bomb that it literally sent shockwaves out into space and alerted other civilisations that life on earth has evolved technologically to the point that it could split the atom and create atomic fusion.

“From that point on it seems that UFOs began to show up near US military installations and worldwide.”

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