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Peter Nygard Accused Of Impregnating Young Girls, Forcing Abortions, Then Ingesting The Baby Stem Cells!


This one is really sick…

But it must be reported.

Let’s be very clear up front: these are only accusations but they are being made by multiple parties and they are accompanied by videos that appear to corroborate the claims.

Let’s start with who is Peter Nygard?

Many refer to him as Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein.

Wikipedia summarizes the following:

Peter J. Nygård[a] (born Pekka Juhani Nygård; born July 24, 1941)[1] is a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive. In 1967, he founded Nygård International, a Winnipeg-based company that made women’s apparel.[2] In 2020, Nygård was accused of long-term sex trafficking, rape, and racketeering after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided his company’s offices in New York City.[3][4] Later that year, he was formally charged and was arrested on sex trafficking and racketeering charges, including allegations of sex trafficking involving minors.[5][6] In October 2021, Nygård was charged by Toronto police with multiple counts of sexual assault and forcible confinement in incidents that occurred between the mid-1980s and mid-2000s; accusations of sexual misconduct by Nygård date as far back as 1968.

So now that you have some idea of who he is, let’s dig into the ugly details….or at least the ugly “allegations” I should say.

This 41 second video sums it up.

He’s accused of impregnating young girls (it sounds like dozens or hundreds), many of which may likely be minors, many of which may likely be minorities, getting them pregnant and then forcing them to have abortions, and as if all of that wasn’t bad enough, then harvesting the dead baby’s stem cells (his child, no less) and either ingesting or injecting the stem cells in a quest to live forever.

Yes, that’s the claim.

Watch it here:

Backup accusation here with some very damaging photos and video:

More here:

Another backup:

One more backup:


And from the Toronto Sun:

Accused predator Peter Nygard is back in the news as the former fashion king has had two new sex assault charges laid against him.

Nygard is now accused of eight counts of sexual assault in Toronto as well as three counts of forcible confinement — possibly mere drops in the bucket in a case where others have claimed to be victims.

The new charges date back to 1986 and 1994.

Nygard, who is being held without bail in Toronto, faces multiple sex trafficking charges in the U.S.

None of the charges have been proved in court and Nygard has denied all accusations. Trial dates in Toronto and Montreal are pending.

Dozens of women throughout Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas have reportedly come forward with allegations. But there are no charges against him in Winnipeg, Manitoba — the city where his empire began.

The CBC reported he was first charged with a sexual offence in Winnipeg in 1968 and first arrested for rape in that city in 1980, but the alleged victims declined to testify in both of those cases.

Nygard used the 1980 case to publicly criticize police for charging him and, as Vice magazine reported last year, court documents suggest this was not the last time Nygard tried to influence police.

His nephew is alleged to have told one alleged victim in 1993 — a woman allegedly held against her will and raped over three days — that Nygard “owned” the Winnipeg police; court documents filed in New York claim Nygard played tennis regularly with a Bahamian police chief and had local cops on his payroll.

Last December the Canadian Press reported there would be no charges against Nygard in Winnipeg, despite eight sexual assault allegations.

Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth said at the time that some complainants did not want to go forward. Eight cases were submitted to Manitoba’s Justice Ministry for consideration, Smyth said at the time, but prosecutors declined to lay charges.

Author and therapist Shannon Moroney, who describes herself as a Nygard survivor advocate, says she is currently counselling more than 40 alleged Nygard victims as well as some former employees and family members.

She intends to do something about the situation in Winnipeg.

“Charges just never stuck to him in Winnipeg. This is a miscarriage of justice. In three jurisdictions — Montreal, Toronto and New York — there are all these similar reports, from one victim-survivor to the next,” Moroney said.

She said the Winnipeg survivor group is roughly identical to the Toronto group in terms of dates, times, events and methods, “but somehow there are no criminal charges for Nygard in Winnipeg. Why aren’t there?”

“I am calling for a public inquiry into the Winnipeg Police Services and Manitoba justice,” Moroney said.

She’s convinced there are more alleged victims in Winnipeg who will never come forward.

“There’s zero trust in the system,” Moroney said. “They’ve seen what happened to the other women.”

As far as Moroney is concerned, the Canadian public already understands that something is very wrong in Winnipeg with regard to the Nygard case.

“I’ve almost finished my formal inquiry request to our Federal Justice Minister David Lametti.

“We can’t have different standards in different jurisdictions. Your experience with the law can’t be up to luck or socio-economic position.

“The survivors in Winnipeg are Indigenous, they’re white, they’re from every different economic level — but none of them can match up to Nygard’s level of power, money and influence.”

What do you think?

Is this guy a sick pervert?

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