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Watch: Cackling Kamala Hedges Her Bets On Whether Biden Will Run Again In 2024


There’s been plenty of evidence over the past year and a half that Joe Biden doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

A series of inexcusable gaffes and detrimental policies have caused critics on both sides of the aisle to call for someone else to challenge him in the 2024 presidential primary.

Nevertheless, the White House has sought to send a clear message that he intends on running for re-election. That is, until Kamala Harris opened her mouth this week.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Vice President Kamala Harris laughed off the question of whether she will run with President Joe Biden if he seeks a second term.

CBS News journalist Robert Costa asked for Harris to share a message for those on Capitol Hill who speculate Biden will not run for reelection in 2024. Her response was curt and featured a qualification that the vice president appeared to walk back previously.

“Listen to President Biden. He intends to run,” Harris said during a Face the Nation interview that aired on Sunday. “And if he does, I intend to run with him,” she continued before laughing.

“So there you go,” Harris added.

Social media users quickly called attention to the apparent signal another Biden run isn’t inevitable.

Her response on Sunday was clearly more equivocal than her response to a similar question just last month.

It might make sense for her to hedge her bets, however, since a growing number of Democrats want Biden to limit himself to one term.

Costa sought a more definitive answer, but Harris conspicuously dodged the question.

As CBS News reported:

ROBERT COSTA: Another run by former President Trump is possible. He is signaling that. Would that make it more likely that the president runs?

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS: He did it before. So I- you know, listen, honestly, right now, let’s focus on what we got to deal with right now because I know that’s how the President is focused. He’s focused on doing everything that we’ve discussed, bringing down the cost of gas, dealing with- seeing through what we need to do around getting roads and bridges fixed in America, focusing on what we have continued to do under his leadership, which is to improve and strengthen the relationship the United States has around the world. You know, I’ve traveled the world as Vice President, where, you know, I’ve been to Europe now, I think at least three times in connection with a number of issues, including Ukraine, and these leaders, foreign leaders will come up to me and I think nearly three dozen meetings that I’ve had. And first thing they say is thank you and thank President Biden for what he has done to restore America’s role of leadership and partnership on the globe.

ROBERT COSTA: So, all signs point to yes?

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS: All signs point to good work having happened but more work to get done.

Here’s a clip of Harris’s CBS News appearance:

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