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Dem Governor of Connecticut Offers 150K to Hire ‘Misinformation Spotter’ Ahead of November Election


If you are looking for a six-figure job that focuses on beating down alternative voices when it comes to election integrity, Democratic Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut might have a job for you.

The Daily Mail gives us the details on this new lucrative opportunity courtesy of the Connecticut taxpayers.

The Connecticut government is offering a $150,000 salary to the state’s first ‘misinformation spotter,’ ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The official job title will be security analyst, and the individual will be expected to combat misinformation ‘on a full-time’ basis, The New York Times first reported.

Their job will be to identify and flag information that they think may significantly disrupt election activities, and to boost the public’s confidence in the fairness and accuracy of results.

Isn’t it convenient that governor Lamont just so happens to be up for re-election this November? Just seems odd that he has decided it’s important to get someone who can squash anyone that might question the integrity of CT elections at the end of the year. Funny how this was not important during let’s say, 2020.

It’s strange how gullible the Left thinks Americans are these days. The belief seems to be that we lack any kind of discernment to know what kind of schemes they think up. This scheme that Lamont and the Secretary of State are cooking up is a prime example.

It is all part of a massive campaign against alleged misinformation funded by Democrat Governor Ned Lamont, and overseen by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

Merril, who has joined other state secretaries on the #TrustedInfo2022 national public education effort, called misinformation ‘the issue of our lifetime.’

The state’s misinformation officer will target certain platforms, such as websites Gettr, Rumble and 4Chan, and more commonly used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the New York Times reported.

It’s a well paying job. The purpose of which is to convince voters that the only trusted source for election information are coming from the very people trying to stay in office for one more term. Sounds an awful lot like trusting a wolf watching the hen house doesn’t it?

‘With the 2022 elections fast approaching, it is important to remember that election officials are the trusted sources for accurate election information,’ Secretary Merrill said in January.

The job’s appealing salary, $150,000, is just below twice the average income for a resident in the Constitution State.

Things get even worse. Turns out that the governor is dumping millions of taxpayer dollars to accomplish his agenda.

The initiative is part of a larger campaign by Lamont that will allocate $2 million for public information efforts to educate and inform registered voters.

An additional $4million will be allotted to Democracy Initiatives Projects, a project managed by Merrill that focuses on upgrading dated voter registration systems and election applications.

The governor and his Secretary of State are saying all of the right things to try and convince voters that this is in their best interests. After all, election integrity is important. It’s interesting though that while they admit the existence of foreign actors manipulating elections and are using it to justify all this spending, they are adamant that it did not happen with the 2020 elections. Funny how that works for democrats.

Connecticut and American elections are free, fair, and secure, and I will continue to fight election misinformation and ensure that American elections remain trustworthy for every voter,’ Merrill wrote on her official website.

According to Lamont’s budget statement, ‘over the last few election cycles, malicious foreign actors have demonstrated the motivation and capability to significantly disrupt election activities.’

That leads many people to ask the question, why are Democrats in CT so intent on suppressing outside voices when it comes to their elections? Well, it may have to do with a troubling trend that analysts are noticing.

Turns out that Connecticut has been moving closer towards Republican Red as opposed to Democrat Blue in recent presidential elections. With the exception of 2020 (which who can really be sure the numbers are accurate), Republicans have been slowly gaining ground in the state.

Despite what mainstream media would have us believe, it wasn’t too long ago that Connecticut consistently voted for Republican candidates. In fact, it was only 8 elections ago since they voted for a Republican president. Nothing is confirmed but this could point to why the Left is pushing so hard to lock things down in CT especially before November.

With investigations regarding election tampering heating up all across the nation, it seems logical that Democrats would be in a rush to cover their tracks while also offering to police their own wrong-doings.

While small, this state is crucial moving forward. Having a state like CT go red, in races as tight as they have been, could prove catastrophic for the Left’s agenda. While the governor may think he’s being slick with this job posting, eagle-eyed conservatives know what’s really going on. Hopefully voters in CT will see it too.


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