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Elon Musk Looking For Streetfighters: “There will be blood!”


Elon Musk is going full beast mode.

It would be overwhelming and impossible to most people to run ONE of his companies at a fraction of the quality Elon produces…

But for Elon?

Here’s what’s currently on his plate (just the big stuff):

Running Tesla.

Running SpaceX.

Running The Boring Company.

Buying Twitter.

Fighting (and beating) the SEC.

Exposing pure fraud and mind-control on Twitter.

And now?

Taking on the Clintons:

Elon Musk Sets His Sights On Hillary Clinton: “The Clinton Campaign Hoax!”

To handle it all, Elon went on a Twitter posting spree today asking for applications from “real lawyers”….”hardcore streetfighters” who “actually see the Courtroom” and not those who “thrive on corruption”.

Oh my!

Check out the Tweets here:

Folks, it sounds to me like Elon is gearing up for a MUCH bigger fight than just buying Twitter.

I’ve been saying this for a while to personal friends and family but this is the first time I’m publishing it….my opinion is that Elon Musk is much more involved in the Trump story than anyone realizes.

I think soon his story and Trump’s story will connect and combine in many big ways.  I think the SEC corruption will be connected too.  Election fraud will obviously be connected.  I think you will see systems and institutions crumble when all of the corruption is exposed.

And Elon is hiring the legal team to support the “blood” that is coming.

Here are backup screenshots in case the Tweets get taken down:

Also remember this every time Elon gets attacked in the Media…(and more will be coming):

Now I have to leave you with some humor…

In response to Elon’s post for applications from top attorneys and asking people to give 3-5 bullet points for why he should hire them, you knew there’d be some wiseguys, right?

These were my favorite — they actually made me laugh out loud:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And I loved this one — so true!

Which one did you think was the funniest?

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