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Pro-Abortion Protestor at Church Shouts ‘I’m Killing the Babies’ As Crowd Heard Cheering


As they promised, the radical left group “Ruth Sent Us” and their sympathizers began swarming houses of worship this weekend in protest of the potential overturn of Roe V. Wade.

We’ve been covering this in depth over the last few days but as a recap, “Ruth Sent Us” released (doxxed) the personal home addresses of every constitutionally sound, conservative Justice of the Supreme Court. On their official Twitter, they encouraged people to demonstrate their rage and frustration; setting the stage for things to get out of hand.

This same group called for the swarming of houses of worship such as Catholic churches on mother’s day weekend. The encouragement is to disrupt and protest. In fact, in the days leading up to the weekend, they offered an example of what they would like to see.

Not cool. As early as Saturday, May 7th, protestors began acting out on the threats of storming churches and places of worship. To say things got out of hand would be a massive understatement. Fox News reported an example of this. Here is an excerpt of what happened:

Pro-abortion activists descended upon an iconic New York City church on Saturday as an anti-abortion group showed up once again in their monthly routine of demonstrating outside a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic.

The activists showed up at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan on Saturday morning, just feet from a group of anti-abortion protesters who typically walk from the church to a nearby Planned Parenthood site on the first Saturday of every month, according to WNYW-TV.

This was not a peaceful protest. It was a predatory display of aggression, hinting at the potential of real harm. In fact, one protestor declared her intent to cause harm to babies.

“I’m killing the babies!” one protester screamed while waving around dolls wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

And all of these actions are being justified by radical left groups. The reason for the strong focus on Catholic churches is because “Ruth Sent Us” believes that much of the world’s abuses and ills are due to the tyranny of the Catholic faith. Agree or disagree with their core tenants of belief but most would conclude that figures such as Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot might edge the Catholic Church out of the running.

But here is the thing. In every instance where these protestors are showing up, they are being confronted by calm, peaceful church-goers and priests. Here is the clip of the angry protestor trying to get into the NYC church. Notice no one is harming this protestor.

Or this clip of the protestor on a loudspeaker shouting obscenities and mocking figures of the Catholic faith they hold sacred.

This protestor is calling for church-goers to come out and face the crowd. For what? A public flogging? And again, here is the contrast. In the face of this behavior, there are Catholics praying the Rosary outside the church. Peacefully, without anger, without malice.

And yet, despite their position of peace and non-violence, the left decides to paint people praying the Rosary as “WHITE NATIONALISTS” See here:

It’s heartbreaking to see this. In fact, this is not the only example. Our leaders on the highest level have condoned this behavior. The freedom to practice religion peacefully is beginning to diminish and those sworn to protect that freedom are actually encouraging this to happen.

From Nancy Pelosi encouraging protests and demonstrations to the White House refusing to condemn the actions of radical left groups. It’s not the elites that pay the price. It’s peace-loving innocents. Liberty and freedom have always been under attack. There’s just no curtain covering it now.

I’ll leave the full clip below for you to view. Notice the cheering from the crowd as this protestor declares “I’m killing the babies. I’m killing the babies”


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