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Leaked Audio From Twitter Internal Meeting: Head Attorney Reportedly Breaks Down Crying…




That’s how I imagine it’s going for these far-left woke ideaologues after they now realize they report to free-speech loving Elon Musk.

And that may not be far from the truth, as a new report out today claims Twitter’s top attorney Vijaya Gadde broke down crying over the Musk purchase.

Details here:

You may remember Vijaya from that infamous Joe Rogan episode with her and Tim Pool.

Tim Pool mopped the floor with her and her arrogance and ignorance was stunning.

Can’t say I’m too sad to see her crying today, if that report is true.

Yes, Rav…I remember that too:

Interestingly, Elon himself commented on that same thread, referencing when Twitter banned the NY Post over its report on the (now proven true) Hunter Biden Laptop Story.

Musk wrote:

This is getting good already, go Elon!

He is 100% right!

I love how the smartest man alive right now doesn’t even attempt to debate with her, he just says it was “obviously incredibly inappropriate”.

Which is exactly what all of us have been saying, but it kind of takes on extra weight when it comes from the guy who owns the entire company now and your boss!


Meanwhile, thanks to Project Veritas we also have leaked audio from an internal Twitter meeting:

BREAKING: Leaked Audio of Twitter Company-Wide Meeting Addressing Elon Musk’s Takeover.

Parag Agrawal, CEO, Twitter, “I believe Twitter grows as a service, allows for more people to use the product… because we have built tools, processes for people to be able to feel safe and control their experiences… Sometimes that means more thoughtful moderation.”

Listen here:

Backup here:

Full cut here:

Wow, could these people truly be any more out of touch with reality than they are?

Who talks like this?

They sound like they have their heads so far up their asses they can’t even think clearly anymore.

Explains a lot…

Here is more excellent analysis from BioClandestine:

Wow… These Twitter execs are clearly feeling the pressure and scared shitless. They are starting to realize that the jig is up. They might not admit it yet, but deep down they know they are fucked. 

Firstly, the moderator Leslie Berland, Twitter CMO, suggests that there are concerns of a “Mass Exodus” of employees over Elon’s “questionable ethics”. Later in the video, she confirms the “questionable ethics” are in reference to Elon’s very public plans of introducing this crazy far-right concept known as the Constitutionally recognized “Freedom of Speech”. 

Pause. You heard that right. Twitter executives and their employees believe that the Constitutionally recognized Freedom of Speech falls under “questionable ethics”. 

Then the panic gets deeper, as she then goes on to address that Freedom of Speech is detrimental to their “moderation and policies surrounding health”.  The reason she is terrified about this, is because Twitter’s overarching ability to silence all things they deem related to “health”, is the last thing standing between all the sheep waking up en masse. 

Without the ability to continue to silence dissent and speculation about the origin of C19, the efficacy/safety of vaccines, alternative treatments, the inflation of death/case numbers; the sheep will eventually learn about what the deep state actually did and the game is over. Twitter and the rest of the left-wing media complex were dead wrong about all of these things. And Elon directly stated he will address this. 

NATIONAL POLL: Is CNN The Enemy Of The People?

This subject is the true fear of the globalists because it ties back into why Twitter censored me, and why the left-wing media complex spent so much ammunition attacking me and the truth about the Biolabs story. Because the public realization of the US biolab network leads everyone directly to the truth, that C19 is a man-made biological weapon, that was created in a lab by the US NIH. And all the actions of the US government afterwards were based on lies and deceit. The truth about C19 blows the lid off of everything and will be an unavoidable red pill for every human worldwide. That’s why Twitter and their fact checkers TO THIS DAY still say the labs don’t exist, via a snopes fact check that has since been disproven, yet they attach to all posts talking about Biolabs on the platform, for “context”. 

The history books are going to remember these people in a very disturbing light. And rightfully so. These people have become so drunk with power, they have strayed so far away from sanity, that they are unrecognizable from an American 20 years ago. 

The core values of American culture and law revolve around the Freedom of Speech. It’s the first Right in the First Amendment of the Constitution. It’s literally the first fucking thing the Founding Fathers wrote down to protect and guarantee for We the People of the United States. It’s the main pillar of our entire society and it’s what made America the greatest country on Earth and separated us from the rest of the old world. On this American soil, you can speak your mind freely and no one has the right to take that away. 

Well the leftist overlords at Twitter don’t give a fuck about any of that. They decided that you are too dumb to think for yourself, therefore THEY will decide what you watch, what you read, what you can think, what you can say, what is “fact”, what’s “trending”, who you vote for, what you inject in your body, and so on. 

I’m not sure these tech fascists even realize how far they have descended into darkness. They actually believe what they are doing is for the greater good, and they cannot see what they have become. Unfortunately for them, that’s not gonna stop the reckoning that’s about to descend on these people for the evil they committed. 



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