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Jesse Watters Grills Bill Barr: “Did You See What They Were Doing…Did You Say Anything?”


Jesse Watters launched his career as the humorous segment on Bill O’Reilly’s Factor.

Since then he’s proven he is not only witty and humorous, but also a damn fine reporter and interviewer.

In fact, I put Watters up there with Tucker as the two best on Fox News

Earlier this week, the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell” was (finally) confirmed by the MSM to be real.

A story we all knew was true a year and a half ago, but this week they finally came out and admitted it:

Breaking: New York Times Finally Admits the Hunter Biden Laptop is Real

Jen Psaki then even begrudgingly confirmed not only is the laptop real, but Hunter Biden is under federal investigation:

Attorney Clint Lancaster: “I Expect Hunter Biden To Be Indicted”

In addition to the laptop from Hell, Hunter has other legal problems including what one attorney claims may be tax evasion.

Attorney Clint Lancaster says he expects Hunter to be indicted soon:

Attorney Clint Lancaster: “I Expect Hunter Biden To Be Indicted”

So with all of this news breaking, I was shocked to see Bill Barr (head of the Department of Justice at the time the story first broke back in 2020) agree to go on Jesse Watters and be interviewed.

And I was so glad to see Watters not hold back.

The questions were strong, direct, on point and had an edge to them.

At one point Watters essentially asks Barr: did you see any of this?  Did you do ANYTHING about it?

Killer questions.

Barr looked stunned but quickly recovered.

Here is a quick summary of the exchange which you can watch in the clip below:

“Did you just hear the conversation about the laptop from hell?” Watters asked.

“Yes, I did,” Barr responded.

“When this was all going down in the fall, did you see what the left was doing with this disinformation campaign?” Watters continued. “Did you come out and say anything about that?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “As soon as this letter came out from these so-called intelligence specialists, the DNI, John Ratcliffe at the time, and the FBI, which worked for me, both came out and said this was not the result of disinformation, Russian disinformation. The media ignored that completely. Just kept on going with the disinformation line.”

“That’s pretty egregious,” Watters said. “Would you say that there was a conspiracy between Big Tech, former intelligence officials, the media, the Democrats to, I don’t know, let’s just use the word ‘rig’ an election?”

“Yes,” he responded. “That definitely made an impact on the election, suppressing that news. And it’s not a question of whether it was criminal or not. Just the facts alone were shameful and most Americans would immediately see what was going on and how repulsive it was and it would have had an effect. The issue of criminality is a different issue.”

“We’ll get to that at some point,” Watters commented.

Watch the full clip right here: this point I am curious to know what you think of Bill Barr?




Or a good guy who just did his job to the best of his ability?


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