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Defund Police NY Candidate Has Round-The-Clock Police Detail


The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.

Newsom’s daughter is not vaccinated, Pelosi has a 15-foot fence around her mega-mansion, and now a New York Governor’s candidate has NYPD detail following him everywhere.

If that weren’t enough the self-described democratic socialist has round-the-clock military protection around his house.

The best part: he is openly in support of defunding the police.

Watch how the story develops as people on Twitter point out the obvious hypocrisy:

So what gives buddy?

Is your life more valuable than those of other New York residents?

Of course, you would think so because you walk around with a “Stay Woke” pin on your shirt talking about socialist and communist values.

Why don’t you get BLM to protect you?

Here’s Fox News with the full report:

A pro-defund the police elected official running for governor in New York has sparked outrage after it was revealed he travels New York City with an NYPD detail and lives on a military base that provides around-the-clock security.

“Obviously, it’s very hypocritical,” Joseph Rolland, a 53-year-old Bay Ridge resident, told the New York Post of Jumaane Williams.

Williams, a racial justice advocate, was elected as the New York City public advocate in 2019 after previously serving on the NYC Council. He has previously described himself as a Democratic Socialist and is now running for governor of New York, where he vows “to bring transformational change to Albany,” according to his campaign website.

Williams lives on the Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Garrison in Brooklyn, the New York Post reported, and is provided an NYPD security detail due to his position for the city. The garrison requires anyone attempting entry to submit a background check and go through security checkpoints.

Williams was one of the leading voices on defunding the NYPD last year and took issue with the city’s agreement to cut $1 billion from the funds as insufficient.

How about instead of defunding the police and cutting their budget woke liberals shut up and sit down.

Honestly, when will these people learn?

History always repeats itself and when you advocate for disarming the people and defunding the police you run into a lot of problems.

Just look at Germany 80 years ago or Australia today!

Imagine supporting a $1 billion police budget cut and then walking around with those same brave police officers talking about “defund the police”.

What a joke.

I wouldn’t blame those officers if they beat the crap out of the clown but they never would because New York’s finest has a sense of pride and morality, something the left knows nothing about.

Here’s Fox with the rest of the story:

“These aren’t apartments listed on Zillow. It’s essentially a gated community with stunning waterfront views protected by tanks and soldiers with M16s,” an area official with knowledge of the housing process told the Post.

“You’re saying defund the police but yet you’ve got the police with you every day taking you all over on the taxpayer’s dime? And then you live on a military base and you’re protected by the military? That’s a joke, what a hypocrite. Not a lot of people get those luxuries,” a frustrated police source added in comment to the New York Post.

Luxury waterfront views and a gated community protected by tanks and soldiers.

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This dude is living as good as the Obamas!

The funniest part is that he is living off of taxpayer money.

I think I get it now, he wants to defund the police so that those tax dollars go to his luxury lifestyle instead of hardworking police officers.

Actually, that makes complete sense.

A true communist ladies and gentlemen.

When will these liberal games end?


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