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In Biden’s America, ‘People Are Hoarding’ Due To Recent Food Shortages

The only Spam that remained was Spam Lite.

If history can teach us anything, it’s that socialism doesn’t work.

Some aspects may sound good in theory, but how well does that work in practice?

No need to wonder any longer.

Biden’s Communist manifesto is creating bare shelves in supermarkets across America.

America went from thriving to hoarding in 10 months!

Local grocery stores across the country are reporting out-of-stock items like never seen before.

And Americans are noticeably hoarding supplies.

Reported reasons for the food shortages include lack of employees, truck drivers, and the backlog at American ports.

While patriots knew this would happen under an administration like Bidens, others seem to have been blind-sighted.

The owner of Saffron Road, a producer of frozen and shelf-stable meals, says, “People are hoarding [food].”

Breitbart has more on the food shortages:

“People are hoarding [food],” CEO and founder of Saffron Road, a producer of frozen and shelf-stable meals,  Adnan Durrani told the Seattle Times. “What I think you’ll see over the next six months, all prices will go higher.”

He spoke as evidence shows food costs have dramatically risen since 2020 with meats, poultry, fish and eggs increasing by 10.5 percent.

The increasing food costs have impacted the ability of suppliers to meet the demands of retailers. Durrani warned he is “keeping about four months’ supply on hand instead of the typical one or two months.”

The new food shortage has restaurants rearranging their business operations, which is impacting other business outside the food chain. A&W Restaurants reportedly canceled their marketing contract to sell more chicken tenders because chicken supplier ran out of poultry to sell. “Instead, the chain, which has about 560 locations domestically, went with chili-cheese fries.”

Kevin Bazner, CEO of A&W Restaurants told the Times the marketing was changed to reflect the shortage of chicken. “Rather than running short, we replaced the promotion with something we could get,” said Bazner, noting only 80 percent of his orders from suppliers are being received by his restaurants.

A large manufacturer of farm cooperatives, Land O’Lakes, told the publication the shelves at stores at less stocked due to Biden supply chain crisis. “The challenges in the supply chain continue to be issues such as driver shortages, labor and congestion at the ports,” chief supply chain officer Yone Dewberry explained.

It sounds like a scene from a socialist country like Venezuela, but it’s on our doorstep in Biden’s America.

‘Bare shelves Biden’ is a popular hashtag on Twitter.

And for a good reason!

Biden’s imploding supply chain crisis is also hitting restaurants and small businesses.

The National Restaurant Association reports that rising food costs and supply chain issues have created food shortages for 9 out of 10 restaurant operators.

Unfortunately, the crumbling supply chain is also leading to massive food shortages threatening public school districts.

Philadelphia Schools reported not enough food delivered for students and not enough cafeteria staff to serve students.

Denver public school children see shortages of milk.

While an Alabama school district warned parents their kids might have remote learning due to food supply problems.

Biden’s policies hit poor and working-class kids the hardest. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture tried to ‘help’ in September when they announced $1.5 billion in emergency funds to help schools feed kids.

Regardless of the additional aid, schools still face food shortages that affect their students.

Dothan City Schools in Alabama even blamed the possibility of remote learning on food shortages!

Newsweek has more:

Another Alabama school district, Dothan City Schools, has already cautioned parents about the possibility of remote learning should its food supply problems not be resolved soon.

“As a last resort, we may also ask that you prepare to have virtual/remote school days a few days out of the week to alleviate the stress of our food supplies,” the district said in a message to parents, according to “We face a situation where we must do everything we can to continue providing a nurturing environment for our students to learn and grow.”

The issue is far from a rural one, as major cities have reported similar problems. The Philadelphia School District has been hit particularly hard, according to a September story in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After breakfast and lunch didn’t arrive at Mitchell Elementary in Southwest Philadelphia, the school’s principal told the Inquirer she ordered pizza for students. She said not all of the pizzas arrived at the school, so some students were not served. Those who were fed had the food given to them by teachers and staff members because of the lack of cafeteria workers, according to the principal.

Though the School Nutrition Association acknowledged the USDA’s efforts, the group also requested more help in an August letter to the agency. Among the suggestions made by the school advocacy organization was that the USDA relax policies on training for cafeteria staff and apply a temporary waiver on requirements for schools to purchase goods from American companies.

Other school districts have been forced to get creative. The New York Times reported on October 1 that the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) has recently started to feature more finger foods on its school menus because its plastic cutlery supply is greatly reduced.

“I’ve never seen the supply chain in this much chaos, and I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” Michael Rosenberger, the executive director for food and child nutrition services at Dallas ISD, told the Times.

Districts are receiving MORE federal money to feed our children, but now there’s no food to feed them!

Many of America’s public school children also face mask mandates and looming COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Shame on the Biden administration for attacking our children’s health without remorse.

Our children’s education is now heavily impacted by vaccine mandates and food shortages.

It couldn’t be any more clear that Joe Biden is not FOR America or good or America.



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