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A CALL FOR HELP: COVID Fines Nearly Shut Down This Veteran


Hi friends,

Noah here with a special call for help….

Longtime readers of WeLoveTrump know I don’t like to ask for help very often, and almost NEVER for myself.

But I have a special request tonight.

Many of you in my Telegram chat may know @dieselpatriot1.

Diesel has been helping me run the Telegram chat for over a year now.  Just jumped in and started helping.

And those of you who are on there know she always shares the most hilarious memes that crack us all up!

I’ve come to learn more about her as she’s continued to help me run the Telegram chat….

I’ve learned she is a Veteran and deeply tied into supporting our men and women in our armed forces.

Not only that but she loves animals and she’s been training service animals to pair them up with our soldiers who return from battle and need help.

Amazing, right?

She even founded her own non-profit called Veterans4Paws to train and send out as many of these service animals as possible.

That’s the awesome part….

I always say, the Deplorables are the most amazing people on the face of the Earth!

The Deplorables build, give, create and make our world better!

I love to do these “Deplorable Spotlights” where I spotlight amazing patriots doing great things for our country and Diesel deserves to be featured more than anyone I know.

But that’s not why I’m writing this article.

I’m writing this because I recently learned that during the “planned-demic” last year when far-left Blue State Governors were shutting everyone down, Diesel and Veterans4Paws got hit really hard.

You see, Diesel lives in Pennsylvania and their far-left Governor ordered all “non essential” businesses to close down or face serious fines each day they remained open.

And guess who was deemed “non-essential”?

No, not the liquor stores, those stayed open.

No, not Walmart, those stayed open too….

No, it was Veterans4Paws that was deemed “non-essential”….only here’s the kicker: Diesel refused to shut down.

She had too many Veterans on her waiting list in need of help and she kept operating.

She eventually racked up over $12,000 in fines from far-left Blue State Governor Tom Wolf.

Sickening, right?

She has been slowing paying the fines and has it down to $9,000 still due.

So here’s the real kicker….Gov. Wolf may not have been able to shut her down during the “planned-demic” but she’s essentially shut down now because all available funds are going towards paying these fines and interest….and not towards training new dogs.

When I learned about this I told her we had to help….

It took a bit of convincing and arm-twisting because she does NOT like asking for help, but I finally got her to create a page at GiveSendGo so we could all pitch in.

I kicked in the first $75 and I’m asking for everyone to please help out if you can.

Over SIX MILLION people read this website each month….if everyone who is able just did a small donation, we’d have this thing fixed in no time.

Thank you in advance to every single one of you who will help her out.


And here is the full story in Diesel’s words from GiveSendGo:

Hi…many of you may know me as @DieselPatriot1.

What you may not know is I run a non-profit called Veterans 4 Paws, which I founded to help veterans cope with PTSD and cut down on needless Veteran suicides.

What you ALSO may not know is during the PLANNED-DEMIC I refused to shut down my non-profit. I refused to stop helping. I refused to stop serving our Veterans.

What did that get me?

$9,000 (and counting) of fines by my state government.

It has cripppled me and basically made me unable to continue my mission.

I considered closing my doors but after some persuading from a friend of mine, I’m taking one shot to see if I can get the fines paid and re-open my doors.

Let me tell you a little more about what we do…..

Veterans 4 Paws is a non-profit I started several years ago with one goal in mind…to provide much needed service animals to Veterans nationwide 100% FOR FREE.

Looking at the world from a strong military background sometimes we see the biggest needs of Veterans more clearly than most. The one that always stood out as a front runner is “I could use a service dog but they are so expensive!”

I found it so hard to believe that with all the breeders and homeless pet shelters out there, nobody figured out a way to save our Vets and our Pets.

On average a Service Dog can cost between $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the needs. Upon further investigation, I found a few organizations that claimed to provide free service animals but the fine print always reveals truth. While they did in fact give a free dog, the recipient was expected to shell out a LOT of money for traveling and expected to stay in the area for an undetermined amount of time or their families were asked to “make donations ” to the business.

I wanted Veterans 4 Paws to be different…I wanted FREE to actually mean FREE to the Veterans and their families! Imagine that!

I also wanted to be different. I wanted to remove the wording “service dog” and use “service pets”, as in most cases a service dog many times is also the family pet. I’m also not a fan of mass production…so everything we do has a personal touch. I enlist the help of 2 maybe 3 people I know to be good handlers and our homes, our families, our own dogs became the kennels.

I also (unless donated) wanted to avoid breeders. With so many homeless pets…it seems the proper solution is to make a bridge to save lives…not buy them. All the dogs I use are rescued or surrendered for a better cause than being a couch potato. I have also had pups from breeders as well. Sometimes different circumstances do require the need for a pup to start from ground zero.

We each only have 1 maybe 2 dogs in training at any time. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BLANKET TRAINING. Each dog is trained for each Veteran’s personal needs. I do not give dates or deadlines. Each dog learns at a different pace.

The other issue I wanted to address was the process. Our Veterans have given so much the last thing they need is swamped down with paperwork…so I made certain my process was quick and painless.

The other chief complaint was contact and communication. Whenever they would need help or have a question or need anything, other places never or rarely returned messages. So I made ME the first and main contact. Day or night, call, text or email….and they get ME everytime.

During the PLANNED-DEMIC, many businesses were crushed….I believe on purpose….but the big corporations thrived. The non-profits were equally crushed and many fined heavily as they refused to stop helping and refused to be called “non-essential”.


The fined me over $12,000 for continuing to help serve and not “sheltering in place”.

I’ve paid down some of the those fines but over $9,000 still remains unpaid and I have no more funds.

We lose 22 veterans per day to suicide. This occurs for many reasons. Some is physical , mostly PTSD….they just can’t turn the noise off or make the pain stop. Many people have a hard time understanding why a veteran with a home a wife children loving supportive family would ever take their own life. There are many reasons but the biggest player is JUDGMENT. While families try so hard to understand the reality is they never will. The worst thing a Vet can hear is ” I understand”…nobody understands each veteran processes differently. Sometimes the most obscure statement can send a trigger to a veteran they can’t reel back from. Things like “you didn’t do that before, you never liked that before” (the judgment).

A dog didn’t know you before or during they only know them now. Everything is unconditional without judgment. The bond between a veteran and their dog is on a level most people can’t understand. The dogs don’t just help with physical obstacles, they serve as reminders that our Veterans are not alone.

With all the recent events that have unfolded in our country, I feel that I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our Veterans and their sacrifices be further disrespected and forgotten.

So I have to get Veterans 4 Paws back on her feet and start helping to secure the well being of our nation’s heroes and saving animals.

Due to being shut down I am at a position of almost completely starting over. Fines need paid, licenses need once again obtained, veterinarians need secured as well as the basic day-to-day needs of caring for the dogs.

So I am with great hesitancy but the utmost faith in the American people to rally around our nations’ heroes asking for help to accomplish this goal.

Thank you to everyone who is willing to help out. I cannot ever thank you enough!

Veterans 4 Paws

Thank you to everyone who is reading this and pitches in!

How quickly can we get this fixed?



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