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Biden Drone Strike Kills Innocent Family, Including Several Children


The Biden-Harris Regime is arguably the most incompetent administration in United States history.

They’re also war criminals and should be tried for heinous war crimes.

In addition to abandoning American civilians and service members, they murdered an innocent Afghan family with a drone strike.

The disgusting administration is now directly responsible for the deaths of several children.

And they’ve attempted to deceive the American public claiming they killed multiple ISIS-K leaders.

Here’s the latest:

Daily Mail reported:

Three children were killed in a US drone strike targeting ‘multiple suicide bombers’ planning an attack on Kabul’s evacuation airport – just hours after Joe Biden warned of the possibility of another jihadist atrocity following this week’s attack.

Witnesses said a rocket strike blew up two cars parked outside a residential building near the Hamid Karzai airport to the north of Afghanistan’s capital. It is believed the vehicles were going to be used in an ‘imminent’ attack by ISIS-K militants.

The strike on the vehicles, filled with explosives, is then believed to have caused a secondary blast, killing and wounding several civilians.

An Afghan official, speaking on condition of anonymity out of security concerns, said that three children were among the dead. It is not known where the children killed in the incident were at the time of the explosion.

The death toll is expected to rise with Afghan TV presenter Muslim Shirzad reporting that as many as six children were dead and nine people in total, including an interpreter who had worked with US troops, and an Afghan army officer due to get married tomorrow.

The Taliban said it welcomed the drone strike in an apparent sign of uneasy co-operation on security around the airport.

Two unnamed US officials earlier confirmed to Reuters that American forces had launched a successful strike in the capital city targeting suspected ISIS-K militants.

US Navy Captain Bill Urban, a military spokesman, had earlier said the military was investigating whether there were civilian casualties but that ‘we have no indications at this time’.

‘We are confident we successfully hit the target,’ Urban said. ‘Significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material.’

Dina Mohammadi said her extended family were in the building and that several of them had been killed, including children.

Ahmaduddin, a neighbour, said he had collected the bodies of children after the strike, which set off more explosions inside the house.

There were earlier reports of a possible separate incident in which it was claimed a child had been killed in a rocket strike on a house near to the airport. It has since emerged this is the same event.

A security official from the recently deposed government told AFP a house was struck while a source at the Afghan Ministry of Health separately told the BBCthe blast was near the airport, with two witnesses informing Reuters a house north of the airport was struck by a rocket.

There was no official confirmation and no terrorist group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. A US official told CBS: ‘We are confident we hit the target we were aiming for. Initial reports indicate there were no civilian casualties.’

The official added that the drone strike caused ‘significant secondary explosions’ indicating the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material in the vehicle.

Mr Biden had previously warned another terror attack on the airport was imminent after an attack at Kabul airport carried out by ISIS-K – an Islamic extremist group operating in the Central Asian country – killed 13 American service personnel and scores of Afghans.

Gateway Pundit added this take:

The Biden regime can’t find all of the Americans in Afghanistan.

They don’t even know the exact number of Americans stranded in the country.

But we are all supposed to believe that Joe Biden and the US Military were able to identify two ISIS-K bombers and incinerate them in a Kabul missile strike earlier today.

As reported earlier – The US military today fired a missile at an apartment in Kabul, Afghanistan.

But it appears Sleepy Joe may have missed his mark.

Seven to nine people including several children were killed today in the US missile strike.

The children are dead tonight because Joe Biden and the US military want to make it look like they are on top of things and in control.

They aren’t.

They just lost a war to a band of 8th Century barbarians, saw 13 servicemembers murdered in a suicide attack, and surrendered a country and $85 billion in arms to the enemy.

Every single person in the Biden-Harris Regime should be tried for war crimes, immediately.


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