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Man Perfectly Explains How The Elite Roll Out Their Plans….So No One Notices!


Meet BitcoinBen.

I’ve covered him before here on WeLoveTrump and I had to cover his latest video today because I thought it was so good.

BitcoinBen is a former truck driver who has a really good understanding of how things work in this world.

Not only that but he has a great way of explaining things so everyone can understand them.

I thought this clip was so good that I clipped it and wanted to share with you.

Listen as Ben explains just how insidious (and stupid!) the “fact-checkers” are and how they use this stuff to roll out their evil agendas.

I loved the lasagna analogy because it’s perfect.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “fact-checked” by Big Tech only to be proven right in the future.

You know what’s funny?

I never got any apology notices from Big Tech when I was proven right….

I never got my “Facebook Jail” sentence reversed….

I never got reinstated on platforms that banned me….


Big Tech is judge, jury and executioner and that’s a major problem when Free Speech is on the chopping block.

Folks, we have to start thinking critically again!

We have to start using our common sense!

We have to start realizing that something can indeed be true even if Lord Google doesn’t say it is….

In fact, the truth is usually about 180 degrees from what these “fact checkers” are telling you.

Anyway, just listen to Ben explain it and I think you’ll agree this is really good.

For those that know Ben, yes I did put him on 175% speed….doesn’t he sound good?

I got your back Ben!  😆

Watch here on Rumble and follow Ben’s YouTube channel here:


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