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North Dakota GOP Senator Kevin Cramer Says Ashli Babbitt Was a Criminal And is Grateful for Her Shooter


GOP Senator Kevin Cramer joined The Jay Thomas Show to take questions from callers.

A heated exchange occurred between Cramer and one of the callers who wanted to know the identity of Ashli Babbitt’s killer on January 6th.

Cramer defended Babbitt’s killer and made the disgusting comment that he’s “grateful” of the person’s actions to kill an unarmed person who was clearly no threat.

Spoken like a true RINO.

Here’s the full transcript:

Cramer wants to protect Babbitt’s killer at all cost and refuses to reveal his identify to angry citizens.

But the caller snuffed out this lying weasel.

The Hill reported:

North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer (R) clashed with a radio caller demanding to know the identity of the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, one of the supporters of former President Trump who forced their way into the Capitol on Jan. 6.

During an appearance on WDAY’s “The Jay Thomas Show” on Tuesday, Cramer was answering questions from various callers when one asked about the identity of the officer who killed Babbitt.

Cramer replied that even he doesn’t know the person’s identity, but the caller argued that since he’s a “citizen of the United States,” he has the right to know the identity of the officer.

“The person that shot her is a police officer shooting a criminal not complying with officers telling her, ‘Stop. Don’t come through that window. We have guns drawn. Don’t do it.’ They’re protecting people, and the officer was found to be innocent of any wrongdoing,” Cramer told the caller. “So then what would be the purpose of releasing that officer’s name? What do you need to know the officer’s name for?”

“Well, because we know everybody else’s name if a police officer shoots a citizen of this country. I mean, crying out loud, if you shoot an illegal alien, we’re going to know that police officer’s name,” the caller argued. “This is a police officer that shot someone in our Capitol, and his name is being withheld.”

Cramer added that the officer isn’t a suspect and that “he’s been found not guilty of any wrongdoing.”

“It seems to be kind of a textbook situation, frankly. I’m the one who personally does not think there is a right to know the name of every police officer who shoots a criminal or perpetrator, unless of course, there are charges brought or an indictment brought, or something like that. I’ll look into it to see what the law says about the release of the name. I’m just grateful for this person, quite honestly,” Cramer said.

Gateway Pundit shared this reaction:

During their conversation Senator Cramer was asked by a caller about Ashli Babbitt and her killer Lt. Mike Byrd. Senator Cramer refused to identify the killer but said he was grateful for the officer’s action.

Senator Cramer then lied and said Ashli Babbitt was warned by police before she was shot in an ambush.

This is a bald-faced lie. The officer hid in the shadows, did not utter a word, and then shot Ashli Babbitt in the neck as she climbed through a window. She was unarmed and was not a threat. Lt. Mike Byrd then slinked away after murdering Babbitt in cold blood.

It appears Senator Cramer believes it is acceptable to shoot Trump supporters dead without warning who are unarmed and pose no security threat.


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