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Republican Members of Congress BANNED from Seeing Conditions of January 6th Political Prisoners


What are they hiding?


It’s been 7 months since the so-called “insurrection,” yet many of these political prisoners are being held in solitary confinement.

Aside from that, it’s been confirmed that many of these prisoners have been BLOCKED from speaking with their lawyers.

Isn’t legal counsel a Constitutional right?

In Biden’s America, it’s clear that that is no longer the case.

Today, Republican members of Congress when to the prison to see the conditions of the January 6th political prisoners.

They wanted to see the conditions first-hand.

And they wanted to raise the alarm about the abuse being imposed upon innocent Americans.

It’s innocent until proven guilty, right? That used to be the legal standard…

Well, those Republican members of Congress were BANNED from the prison.

They were not allowed inside.

So again we ask: what are the Democrats hiding?

See the video of Matt Gaetz and MTG being blocked:

But they weren’t just blocked from seeing the prisoners.

They were accused of “trespassing.”

Keep in mind that neither Gaetz nor MTG entered the facilities.

They simply checked the doors to see if it was open.

And then they were accused of trespassing.

The Independent confirms:

A group of GOP lawmakers was turned away from a Washington DC prison as they attempted to inspect the conditions of Capitol rioters in custody.

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were among the group warned they were trespassing and obstructing the entrance to the correctional facility.

The pair live-tweeted their attempt, along with Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar, to make contact with prisoners held on charges related to the 6 January attack on the Capitol.

“We absolutely are not trespassing and if that attitude is any indication of how they’re treating their prisoners inside I have great concerns,” Ms Greene told media at the facility.

It comes after their press conference at the Department of Justice to counter the start of the 6 January commission on Tuesday was shut down early by protesters.

The four Republicans have been calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to answer questions on the status of the prisoners and related investigations.

Dozens of defendants remain in jail awaiting trial, with some alleging harsh treatment like solitary confinement and another, Ronald Sandlin, alleging beatings and “mental torture” at the hands of correctional officers.

The Justice Department denied the allegations of beatings, and opponents to the GOP have dismissed attempts by Mr Gaetz and Ms Greene to “demand answers” as a stunt to downplay and distract from the House commission into 6 January.

After leaving the entrance area of the prison on Thursday, the group of GOP lawmakers said they were locked out from re-entering.

We need to continue to raise awareness about the January 6th political prisoners.

Not only are their Constitutional rights being violated, but they are likely being tortured!

Either mentally or physically.

In a worst case scenario, maybe both.

Don’t forget…

Multiple Trump supporters have come forward and publicly professed that they have been beaten by jail guards.

Can you imagine if these were black prisoners being beaten by prison guards?

Don’t you think there would be national and international outcry?

Yet… no one blinks an eye when it happens to Trump supporters.

Politico confirms the terrible allegations:

Tensions are running high between guards and inmates at a D.C. jail housing many of the defendants in Jan. 6 cases, with at least one of those prisoners alleging that he was brutally beaten by correctional officers.

For weeks, Capitol riot defendants being held in Washington have complained that they are locked in their cells with virtually no human contact for 23 hours a day. But a startling, graphic account offered publicly in court on Tuesday by one such inmate, Ronald Sandlin, went further: alleging that guards have subjected those charged in the Jan. 6 events to violence, threats and verbal harassment.

“Myself and others involved in the Jan. 6 incident are scared for their lives, not from each other but from correctional officers,” Sandlin said during a bail hearing conducted by video before U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich. “I don’t understand how this is remotely acceptable,” he added, saying he was being subjected to “mental torture.”

In an unusual direct plea to the judge, Sandlin said another Capitol riot defendant, Ryan Samsel, “was severely beaten by correctional officers, [is now] blind in one eye, has a skull fracture and detached retina.”

Sandlin also described racial tension between minority guards and the largely white defendants, some of whom have been publicly accused of membership in or association with white supremacist groups.

Sandlin said guards tackled “to the ground” one high-profile prisoner, Richard Barnett, 60, who was photographed with his boot up on a desk in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Sandlin said one of the guards declared, “I hate all white people and your honky religion.”

The three defendants raising alarms are charged with a wide range of crimes related to the Capitol breach. Sandlin, who posted images of himself smoking a joint in the Capitol Rotunda, is accused of tussling with multiple U.S. Capitol Police officers guarding the Senate chamber and trying to rip the helmet off of one of them. Samsel, who is currently on parole in Pennsylvania and is wanted for an unrelated alleged assault in New Jersey, is charged with toppling barricades on top of police officers, telling one, “We don’t have to hurt you, why are you standing in our way?”

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Barnett is charged with entering the Capitol armed with a stun gun, entering Pelosi’s office and putting his feet on the furniture, as well as stealing a piece of mail from her office.

Defense attorneys for Samsel and Barnett confirmed the episodes described in court by Sandlin, which they said they learned about from their clients, clients’ family members and other attorneys.

“There is a pattern of abuse and of targeting of the defendants who are being held pursuant to what happened on Jan. 6,” said Joseph McBride of New York, a defense lawyer for Barnett. “It is targeted. It is ruthless. It is nonstop.”

Fortunately, Republican members of Congress like Matt Gaetz and MTG continue to raise the alarm.

Will the people listen?

For the sake of freedom in America, we sure hope so!


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