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Biden’s America: Video Shows 100 Teens Attacking Off-Duty Firefighter Walking His Dog in NYC


The crime wave is real.

Every city in America has seen an uptick in crime, including violent assaults.

The latest example comes from New York City.

An off-duty firefighter was walking his dog when he was attacked by 100+ teens.

There are a few things that make this story so scary.

First, the fact that there were 100+ teens involved strongly suggests that this was a coordinated attack.

It’s highly unlikely that over a hundred teens came out of nowhere to attack the same man.

Second, the off-duty firefighter was not wearing anything that would identify him as a first responder.

In other words, he wasn’t targeted for being a police officer or anything like that.

The attack truly appears to be random, which is what makes this crime wave so scary.

You can watch the video, which is starting to go viral, below.

Because the video is age restricted, you may have to click on this link to watch on YouTube.

Out of nowhere, someone randomly yelled “FIGHT NIGHT!”

Then the animals came out of nowhere and began attacking this man and his dog.

He didn’t provoke them.

There were no racial slurs or anything like that.

This was a truly hateful and random attack.

Even foreign news networks are picking up on it.

According to the Daily Mail:

The moment a mob of violent teens attacked an off-duty FDNY firefighter walking his dog in New York City was caught on video.

The firefighter, 44, was walking his Labradoodle Dylan, 3, in Juniper Valley Park in the Middle Village neighborhood of Queens around 9:55 p.m. on Friday.

Suddenly, the father-of-three was swarmed by ‘at least 100 kids,’ he told the New York Post – while one called out that it was ‘Fight Night.’

He said one of the teens took of his shirt and declared ‘I could fight you’ while everyone else took out their cell phones. Some of the footage has gone viral online.

‘They all came at me,’ he said. ‘A kid came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head with a bottle and I let go of the dog.’

The video footage, which appears to start in the middle of the attack, shows the man put up his fist while his pooch barks at the kids before someone grabs his leash.

The firefighter said that the kids ‘were going crazy’ and claimed they were ‘high as a kite’ before he got hit out of nowhere.

‘I got hit, turned around, that’s when the kids started coming at me,’ he told the New York Post. ‘Then I was on the floor, holding one kid.’

He was eventually saved from the beatdown when an ambulance pulled up.

‘They were waiting by the park,’ the smoke-eater said. ‘If they weren’t there I would have been in much worse condition.’

Cops told the New York Post that the man was hit in the head with a glass bottle, and that no arrests have been made. His dog was saved by a Good Samaritan and not hurt during the attack.

‘I’m a little lumped up. What are you going to do? Thank God I’m still here. It could have been worse,’ the firefighter said.

He said the park has become a hangout spot for rowdy teens and noted that he found three knives in the park on Saturday.

Curtis Sliwa, the longshot Republican candidate for mayor of New York City, also shared the video on Twitter and said the firefighter was attacked when he asked the teens to stop setting off fireworks.

‘NYPD from the 104th precinct were there but did nothing,’ claimed Silwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels.

He told the New York Post that the group will begin patrolling the park starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

According to data from the NYPD, there were 484 incidents of felony assault in New York City for the week of July 12 to July 18. That number is down 3% from the same recording period last year.

However, felony assaults so far this year were up 5.9% by July 18 compared to the same date last year. There have been 11,550 incidents of felony assault this year, with 10,906 last year.

Democrats, of course, have openly promoted defunding or even dismantling the police.

This “fight night” is a preview of what’s to come across America if Democrats get their way.

Of course, all of this could easily be fixed with law and order.

Unfortunately, Democrats attack anything they don’t like by calling it “racist.”

If history is any indication, things will have to get much worse before people wake up and realize that we need real leadership in government.

The New York Post appears to be the only other major news organization covering this horrific hate crime:

This is the moment an off-duty New York City firefighter walking his dog in a Queens park is attacked by a vicious mob of teens — one of whom kicked off the beatdown by declaring it was “Fight Night,” disturbing new video shows.

The 44-year-old victim said he was strolling with his 3-year-old Labradoodle Dylan in Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village at around 9:55 p.m. Friday when he was suddenly targeted by the mob.

“There were at least 100 kids … I was walking my dog. They just picked me out and approached me,” the still-shaken victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Post Saturday afternoon.

“One kid took his shirt off and said, ‘it’s Fight Night!’ He said he was 19 and said, ‘I could fight you.’ Everyone took their cell phones out. There were cell phones everywhere,” he explained. “They all came at me…A kid came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head with a bottle and I let go of the dog,” he said.

In video footage obtained by The Post, the mob can be seen closing in on their victim, who puts up his dukes as Dylan vainly barks in protest, attempting to protect his human best friend.

“Give him a shot! Give him a shot! Give him a shot!” one teen repeatedly implores, the video shows.

“Yo, what the f–k!” shouts a stunned onlooker as the unidentified victim is pummeled on the pavement.

“Old guy with a dog got f–cked up,” one teen is seen texting in the video.

The victim continued: “They didn’t care at all. The kids were going crazy. They were as high as a kite. I got hit, turned around, that’s when the kids started coming at me …. Then I was on the floor, holding one kid and an ambulance pulled up. They were waiting by the park … If they weren’t there I would have been in much worse condition.”

Added the dad of three: “I’m a little lumped up. What are you going to do? Thank God I’m still here. It could have been worse.”

Police on Saturday confirmed to The Post that the victim was struck in the head with a glass bottle at 75th Street and Juniper Boulevard North. No arrests were made. The pooch, who was scooped up by a good Samaritan, was not hurt.

The victim, who turned down a trip to the hospital, said “there have been lots of incidents” recently in the park, which has become a haven for out-of-control teens from all over the borough.

“Kids are getting bikes stolen, an older man got beaten,” he said, adding he found three knives Saturday in the park that he planned to turn in to police.

The victim said one group of kids was irritated when he scolded them about jumping the fence of a daycare center across from the park. Another resident, who was not harmed, complained about illegal fireworks being set off.

“This is a tight community … kids with bikes … Maybe I’m old-school, but there’s no respect,” the smoke-eater added.

We are thankful that the firefighter and his dog were not injured.

This story could have turned out much more tragic.

But we shouldn’t take the risk.

We must demand law and order in our communities.

It begins with local politics.

It begins when the American people begin holding their leaders accountable.


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