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AZ HEARING: Numerous Bleed-Through Ballots Found


No effect, or a sign of fraud?

Ballot bleed through, or wrongly marked ballots could cause a huge problem in tallying up votes. Those who say there is no evidence of fraud will tell you that ballot bleed through doesn’t matter.

There is only one problem with that conspiracy theory.

Tabulation machines of any kind are really sensitive. This is why voters are instructed to be extremely careful when filling out ballots. The last time I voted, the instructions were almost as long as the ballot itself!

There is a reason for this—election officials aren’t just trying to make our lives hell with really specific directions.

The reason officials and counties go to such lengths to get people to mark ballots properly is so the machines can read votes correctly.

Anyone who has ever taken a Scantron test in school knows exactly what I am talking about here, even slight markings elsewhere on the paper can screw up the results.

Some outlets are really going in depth on the ballot bleed issue, but as you guessed it, the MSM is trying to downplay this.

Let’s take a look at some of the evidence and allegations:

Tuscon.Com had this to say:

County officials have insisted that there could be no “bleed-through’’ of marks made by voters on one side of the ballot to another. Even if that did occur, they said the ballots were printed in a way that those stray marks could not affect races on the other side of the sheet because of how the “bubbles” for voters to fill were aligned.

But Logan showed the senators evidence he said shows misalignment of those bubbles as well as actual ballots where stray marks could result either in a vote for someone for whom the person did not intend or could invalidate the choice for that race because it appeared more than one vote had been cast.

He said the problem appears to be confined only to votes cast on Election Day, as the preprinted early ballots were properly aligned. But that still amounts to about 168,000 ballots that were printed and cast at voting centers.

Separately, Logan wants access to images of the signatures on the early-ballot envelopes.

The Associated Press also downplayed the effects of bleed through ballots:

Logan pointed to ballots that were not printed in alignment between the front and back, saying the mismatch could allow ink to bleed through and be counted for the wrong candidate on the other side, though he did not provide any evidence of that happening.

The allegation harkens back to the “Sharpiegate” conspiracy theory that arose in the days after the election. Election experts say bleed through doesn’t affect the vote count because bubbles on one side of a ballot don’t align with those on the other, and any ballots appearing to vote for more than one candidate would be flagged.

Logan also said counting teams have struggled to match damaged ballots to their duplicates. Ballots unreadable by machines are duplicated by bipartisan teams, with the original set aside and the duplicate counted. And he said there are inconsistent voter registration records that can’t be reconciled without more data.

There is no constitutional mechanism for President Joe Biden’s victory to be overturned, and Fann has said repeatedly that the audit is aimed only at identifying improvements for future elections. But Trump and many of his supporters hope the Arizona audit will support his fraud claims and lead to similar reviews elsewhere.

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