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Trump Rocks The House At CPAC!


There’s no doubt about it.

The Republican Party is still the party of Trump.

He rocked the house at CPAC tonight!

Congressional candidate and my friend, former NASCAR driver,  Jerrod Sessler, was at CPAC in person and described the atmosphere as “electric and unbelievable.”

It’s no wonder that Trump easily won the straw poll. Ron Desantis was very distant second.

President Trump ripped into Biden, immigration, and the fraudulent election.

Here’s some of his speech according to the New York Post:

“This is a very, very special place and we’re going to keep it the way it is,” he said. “With the help of everyone here today we will defeat the radical left, the socialist, Marxist and the critical race theorists.

“We will secure our borders, we will stop left-wing cancel culture, we will restore free speech and fair elections, and we will make American great again,” he said. “Very simple.”

Trump lambasted the “fake news” media and tech companies, saying they conspired to stifle him while ignoring stories critical of Biden.

“Look at all these stories that came up and they were wiped out,” he said. “Anything negative for Biden or the radical left Democrats they just suppress.”

“The most horrendous example, the oldest newspaper in American and one of my favorites, it’s a great one,” he said.

“The New York Post wrote one of the biggest scandals ever to emerge in a presidential election, providing extraordinary, detailed evidence of the corruption of Joe Biden and, where’s Hunter?”

He also slammed Critical Race Theory, according to Breitbart:

We will completely defund and bar Critical Race Theory — 1776 not 1619,” Trump said, referring to Jones’ highly controversial 1619 project, in which Jones asserts the United States was founded on the institution of slavery as well as the “legalized discrimination against black Americans.”

“The Democrat obsession with race is only dragging us backward into the past, and it is bringing our country down to a point where even China and Russia are lecturing us on human rights, race — and they’re doing it in a very humiliating fashion,” he added.

Eventually, he vowed to take back the White House. According to the Dallas Morning News:

Whipping the crowd to a frenzy, he vowed that once Republicans take back Congress in the 2022 midterms, “We will take back that glorious White House that sits so majestically in our nation’s capital.”

“Look at all those fake news people back there,” he said, peering through the lights at the bank of TV cameras.

On cue, the crowd booed, enjoying the first of many greatest hits from the Trump rally playlist. Over the next 90 minutes he railed against “left wing cancel culture,” the “radical left Marxist maniacs” and “illegal leakers.”

He needled President Joe Biden for going senile and Big Tech as overbearing losers.

“The Biden administration is turning the border into the single biggest disaster in American history, and perhaps in world history,” Trump said with signature hyperbole, lamenting what he called Biden’s policy of welcoming “savage MS-13 gang members,” drug smugglers and illegal migration.

Here’s some reaction from Twitter:

Of course, the Leftists were going crazy but I’m not going to ruin this piece by posting their sick rants.

It was a celebration for all those who still believe we can Make America Great Again, again!


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