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Fauci Told Florida Doctor He Would Force Trump to Intimidate DeSantis to Shut Down Beaches & Businesses


Unlike Fauci, the Director of the NIAID, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used the real science to guide the state through COVID-19.

Throughout 2020, control freaks and medical bureaucrats condemned DeSantis for not ‘following the science’ to lockdown Florida and close gyms, beaches, and bars.

Thanks to the Fauci email leak goldmine, an exchange between a Florida HIV specialist and Fauci showed just how desperately the medical overlords wanted Florida shut down.

Needless to say, Fauci and other medical overlords despised DeSantis for taking the freedom approach for Florida.

Fortunately, DeSantis defied the propagators of pseudoscience and proved that the lockdowns were nothing but counterproductive.

National File reported:

An email exchange between Anthony Fauci and a doctor in Florida from March 2020 shows that Fauci promised to pressure then-President Donald Trump to intimidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into closing gyms, bars, and beaches. Both physicians raged at citizens exercising their individual liberty, with Fauci stating he screamed during television interviews  “2 to 5 times per night” when he saw young people having fun.

In the emails, which were obtained under a Freedom Of Information Act request, a Florida HIV specialist named Doug Brust declares himself to be on the “front line,” as well as “frustrated” and “angry.” Brust stated, “On the drive home just now, the gyms, bar-grilles, and restaurants still packed. Yes, bars are closed in Florida–but if they serve food (which they all do)…….they’re open. Ans [sic] so much for the 50% capacity “suggestion.”

Brust went to complain about beachgoers, and stated that he had sent letters to DeSantis demanding the state close beaches, gyms, and restaurants. “I’m the HIV doc here. I’m it. You know how seriously I take caring for my patients. I have [redacted]. I am putting my life on the line so folks can go pump iron, drink beer, have a burger, and get a tan,” Brust seethed.

In response, Fauci wrote, “Doug: Thanks for the note. I have pushed hard on PPEs and as you may know, the POTUS has involved the Department of Defense to provide 5 million N-95 respirators. Hopefully that will alleviate at least a portion of the PPE shortage. Regarding the bars and beaches, I have been screaming on TV 2 to 5 times per night to tell the younger generation to start taking this seriously.”

Fauci continued, “I am very surprised that Gov. DeSantis has not completely closed the bars, even if they serve food. Take out only. I will bring this up at the Task Force meeting tomorrow. Please take care of yourself. You are an indispensable front line warrior.”

The refusal of DeSantis to kowtow to the medical overlords was arguably the most important decision during COVID-19 hysteria.

Without the bold actions of DeSantis, other red states may have waited longer before returning to normal.

And the example set by Florida has exposed the blue, pro-lockdown states.

Jordan Schachtel discussed the magnitude of DeSantis taking the pro-freedom stance in The Dossier

Now a year and a half into COVID Mania, much of the world carries on with complete pseudoscientific insanity despite zero supporting evidence for the human rights atrocities being committed against their own citizens in the name of stopping a virus.

That could have been our fate, too, had it not been for a small group of leaders who dared to defy the so-called scientific consensus on lockdowns.

Sure, Governors Kristi Noem (R-SD) and Brian Kemp (R-GA), among others, are to be applauded for their efforts in keeping their states as open as possible, but no American politician has been as relentless as Gov. DeSantis when it came to making the case against the draconian madness that is lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, vaccine movement passes, and a number of other disastrous COVID-related restrictions.

DeSantis made it a point to showcase that his policy decisions instinctively leaned on liberty in addition to being evidence-based. He elevated the voices of some of the preeminent experts in the field to make the case that these restrictions were not just fundamentally anti-American, but they were also based on fraudulent science. In defending his course of action, DeSantis held multiple live roundtables and open discussions for a global audience on the real science and the data of the pandemic with some of the best and brightest minds in the profession, including Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institution, Oxford’s Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Harvard’s Martin Kulldorff, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, to name a few.

What separates Gov DeSantis from his gubernatorial colleagues across America is that he was willing to fight both battles and engage both the moral and scientific arguments against lockdowns at the same time. In doing so, DeSantis became the de facto leader of the resistance against COVID tyranny in America, defying corrupt, hyper politicized U.S. Government Health institutions like the CDC and the NIH, the Biden Administration, the “expertise” of career bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and the recently “retired” Deborah Birx, and power drunk lockdown governors like Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Gavin Newsom (D-CA).

Florida’s reopening was a success too obvious to ignore to any fair-minded observers. Both the data and the lived experience of Floridians showed that lockdowns did more harm than good.  Florida, even with its older population, consistently outperformed lockdown states. Florida, with its open schools and open businesses, outperformed states where these institutions remained walled off from the people.

Moreover, Florida’s anti-lockdown success was critical to the policies of fence sitting governors like Doug Ducey in Arizona and Greg Abbott in Texas, who finally, after months of catering to the supposed science behind restrictions, came around to embrace Florida’s roadmap to reopening.


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