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Harris Insults One of Our Strongest Allies Against China


Once again, Kamala Harris displayed what an incredible representative for the United States she truly is. We don’t deserve her greatness. America is not worthy.

Unlike the border patrol along the southern border, South Korean President Moon Jae In got to see her charisma and prowess up close and in person.

See how happy Kamala makes them look:

I’m sure the president of one of our greatest allies really enjoyed spending time talking with the vice president of our country.

Unfortunately, Kamala couldn’t keep her general disdain for humanity hidden, and things began to take a turn.

Yahoo News gives us the details of what happened.

Many Americans have become more germ-conscious since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year – but Vice President Kamala Harris may have made her apparent concerns too conspicuous.

Harris was caught on camera Friday immediately wiping her right hand on her jacket after shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House.

This is not a good look for America, especially since we declared May to be Asian Heritage month.

I mean, there’s nothing like immediately wiping your hands after coming in contact with an Asian man to instill value and honor for Asian people.

To grasp how bad this was, I’ll place the Rumble video below.

You know it’s terrible when even liberal Twitter users and media outlets come out and tell you it’s terrible.

Say what you want about President Trump, but that man knew how to give a good handshake.

No hand-wiping for President Trump here.

What makes this problematic for Kamala is that it magnifies that she can’t hide her disdain for everything America is and stands for.

Check out the way she treats our military.

Contrast that to President Trump who constantly honored our brave men and women in uniform.

The truth has always been clear. Kamala Harris doesn’t care about people.

She only sees them as instruments that can serve her and her quest for power.

What we saw from Kamala with President Moon is just the beginning. There will undoubtedly be more examples of Kamala’s failing diplomatic endeavors, and we will be there to report on every single one.



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