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Adorable Little Girl Rips School Board Over Masks in EPIC Rant!

A child in a medical mask during a coronavirus pandemic

For the better part of a year, we have been told to mask up.

In the beginning, we were told that masks weren’t necessary and the science was inconclusive as to their effectiveness to protect us against the China virus.

Not long after that masks became mandatory even outside followed by a recommendation by Fauci to wear two masks.

As the pandemic is beginning to wane, the CDC is issuing confusing guidelines as to who should or should not wear a mask.

Despite all of the confusion, it appears that this adorable young girl understands the mask debate better than any politician or in this case school board member ever will.

Louder with Crowder put it perfectly:

A little girl is not a scientist. A little girl also isn’t an epidemiologist with a Napoleon complex. You wouldn’t think that needs to be said out loud. I know that you know that. But Facebook’s “fact” checkers think we’re all idiots. So for legal disclaimer reasons, please don’t base your medical decisions on the opinions of an adorable and patriotic little girl yelling at her school board. I don’t even know who she is. Collier County is in Florida, so maybe she knows John Provenzano, the 10-year-old who lit up his school board earlier this week.

She then riffs on how George Washington made America so that we can be free and that the school board should be making schools better and not worse.

I’m generally anti-using kids to push an adult’s “political” agenda. The people who will be critical of this girl also stan Greta Thunberg and David Hogg, so they can all — earmuffs — shut the f*ck up. But IF this brave little girl was put up to this by a parent, she did it with no notes or help whatsoever. Even the most fear-addicted, Fauci fan-fiction writing, virtue-signaling pro-Biden leftist dinkuses can begrudgingly admit that’s impressive.

This young girl wasn’t the only one who had an epic takedown of overzealous school board members. A Florida fourth-grader also had the courage to stand before his board of education to show his disdain for the unscientific mas mandates.

Some states across the country are wising up to the issue children face being forced to wear face masks for 6+ hours a day.

So far Texas and Iowa have actually banned mask mandates in schools.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

In a last-minute move at the end of the Iowa’s legislative session, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill banning mask mandates in public schools across the state.

“Iowa is putting parents back in control of their child’s education and taking greater steps to protect the rights of all Iowans to make their own health care decisions,” Ms. Reynolds, a Republican, said in a statement.

The state’s seven-day Covid-19 case average has dropped below April 2020 levels. According to the latest seven-day average from Wednesday, 202 individuals have tested positive in Iowa.

The state’s move follows a similar mask-mandate ban in Texas earlier this week. Lawmakers in Utah are also pushing to keep mandates on face coverings out of schools.

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With the bill signed after midnight Thursday, just hours before the start of a school day, many schools scrambled to spread the message to staff and parents via news releases, email and through social media.

“A state law signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds shortly after midnight supersedes CDC recommendations and Polk County Health Department guidance that schools continue to require masks until the end of the school year for the health and safety of unvaccinated students and staff,” Des Moines Public Schools said in a statement early Thursday morning.

Citing the size of the district, limited space in school buildings and the large number of unvaccinated students in the system, Des Moines Public School officials said they “strongly encourage masks while indoors.”

“Face coverings are still the best method available to protect the unvaccinated,” the district said.

The new law also states that cities and counties cannot require face masks. Gov. Reynolds removed a statewide mask mandate in February.

Let’s hope that other states realize that these mask mandates in schools are tantamount to child abuse. It’s time to unmask our children and the general population and get back to living our lives again as free American citizens.


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