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Ted Cruz Calls Out The Left’s Racism After Being Called “Stephen from Django”


The Democrats love to use the race card anytime they can. 

And every time they do, their racism and bigotry are on show for the world to see.

Joy Reid from leftist MSNBC accused Senator Ted Cruz of being a traitor to Hispanics for opposing the Democrat’s bill HR1.

HR1, also called For The People Act, bans voter ID laws and takes away states’ constitutional authority to run elections.

Because of his opposition, Reid viciously accused Ted Cruz of being part of a “Jim Crow” party- guilty of suppressing black votes.

Joy Reid then calls Ted Cruz “Stephen from Django Unchained,” driving home the point he is allegedly betraying Hispanics.

Wait until you see how he fires back.

According to the Democrats, as we hear in the video above, voter fraud doesn’t exist! 

They want to have more ‘access’ to the ballot. 

And if you don’t agree, you are guilty of suppressing minorities!

Does this have anything to do with the influx of illegals swarming our border? 

Fox News has more on how Ted Cruz fired back:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, fired back at far-left host Joy Reid’s latest racially charged attack, wondering Wednesday why MSNBC allowed her to get away with it and saying her “condescension” was leading Hispanics to leave the Democrats.

Reid assailed Cruz and compared him to Stephen, the traitorous house slave in the 2012 movie “Django Unchained,” for opposing the Democratic voting overhaul known as the For The People Act. Cruz, mirroring language by President Biden about Georgia’s Republican voting law, angered Democrats after he called it “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“I appreciate MSNBC lecturing me on how people of ‘my race’ are supposed to vote. This arrogant condescension is a big reason Hispanic voters are moving right in large numbers. Also, why is MSNBC ok with their hosts using overt racial slurs (‘Stephen from Django’)?” Cruz tweeted.

Ted Cruz doesn’t stop there. Earlier today, he called out the left’s prejudice and hate:

As it stands, Senator Cruz is right to oppose HR1- what America needs right now are unrigged and safe elections, not a free-for-all circus.

HR1 hardly protects voting rights. Instead, it steals voting rights from the American people.

Keep up the good work exposing the Left’s hypocrisy, Senator Cruz!



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