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Massive Crowd In London For Anti Lockdown and COVID Passport Protest!


Are you tired of these periodic lockdowns, misinformation and mandated masks?

The people of London have had enough of the freak show and are demanding their economy to be re-opened.

Protestors rally against covid19 restrictions and demand their freedom.

Thousands march the streets chanting “Freedom!”.

Most appeared to not be wearing a mask and chanting “take off your mask” as they move down the road with their poster boards that reads “Lockdowns Kill” held high.

Reuters report:

The protesters view COVID-19 restrictions as unnecessary and a breach of their human rights. They oppose vaccinations, mask-wearing and so called health passports. Media reports put numbers at about 10,000, though the Metropolitan Police did not confirm a figure.

One of the protestors says “We are living in a prison state” as more lockdown protocols are soon to be active upon the city soon.

The government is slowing hacksawing away at freedom of citizens and these people are gathering to fight back against it.

One that covid19 has shown us is if the government tries anything unconstitional, the people will not hesitate to take to the streets in protest.

Pushback was expected to happen from the start.

I am not surprised, just happy to see everyone gathering for a cause.

BBC reports:

Thousands of people have gathered for an anti-coronavirus restrictions protest in Trafalgar Square, London. More than a quarter of the UK population is set to be under lockdown rules, as new measures come into force this weekend.

There are reports of protesters being arrested after injuring two officers with bottles.

If people are really dyeing from covid19 then where are the numbers?

what did they do with all the bodies of the positive deceased?

No-one knows.

The mainstream media wont tell you about the covid19 riots, why?

The riots are one of the biggest gatherings seen since the summer of  2020 after the murder of George Floyed.




“We Will Be Free” says the protesters.

Freedom is owned by the people right?

But the people of the government believes it’s a privilege and think they can take it away when they feel like it.

Well the thousands of people at the riot says they won’t stand by and watch it happen.

They are willing to risk it all for freedom and for that, we all must take our hats off to them for their courage to stand up for themselves against a freedom crushing government.

Ever since covid19 started, the government have been way more involved in our lives.

Have you noticed that?

From lockdowns to mask mandates all the way down to closing schools and businesses for months on end.

Today is the day we remember all those days and nights the government pushed us around and made us stay home for their convenience.


The people have spoken.

Remember to check back with us as this story develops.

Believe me, we will have more on this soon.



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