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Democrats Push Bill That Uses $25 Billion For Electric School Buses


The Democrats are now looking to use more money to fight the imaginary enemy of the world called climate change.

Democrat lawmakers have just introduced a bill that will use $25 billion to change the nation’s school buses from gasoline and dieseled powered to electric.

The legislation is called the Clean Commute for Kids Act and was proposed by  Democrat Sen. Alex Padilla of California.

Democrat Senator of Georgia backed the piece of legislation too and said “Children in Georgia and across America should be able to get to and from school each day without breathing polluted air”.

What if the children put down their window and other cars emissions come into the bus…..

What’s their solution then?

AP Press covered the story:

Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled legislation that would invest $25 billion to convert the nation’s fleet of gasoline- and diesel-powered school buses to electric vehicles, building on a component of President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to improve children’s health.

The legislation led by Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Calif., seeks to build on the administration’s effort this week to promote the electrification of school buses, which Biden sees as an important step in addressing climate change and economic inequities.

School buses make up 90% of the nation’s total bus fleet and typically carry nearly 25 million children each day. Emissions from diesel engines may contribute to respiratory illnesses in children, studies have found, and have been linked to poor academic performance.

The bill introduced Wednesday would authorize federal grant money over 10 years, with 40% of it devoted to replacing school buses that serve mostly nonwhite, poorer communities.

Did you read that last sentence, the busses will be used in districts that are mostly nonwhite.

So it seems like Dems are only worried about “climate change” and emissions in nonwhite districts.

The Daily Wire covered the new bill making its way to Congress soon:

Democrat legislators are set to introduce a measure on Wednesday that would push to invest $25 billion into efforts to make school buses around the country run on electricity rather than gasoline and diesel fuel.

As reported by The Associated Press, the measure is being led by Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California, who was appointed to the Senate in order to fill Vice President Kamala Harris’ seat after she was elected vice president last year.

The outlet reported that certain studies have shown that diesel emissions might add to respiratory issues in children and have been connected to worse performance in the classroom.

“I know firsthand how outdated diesel school buses expose our children to harmful and unnecessary pollution,” Padilla told The Associated Press, explaining how he rode the bus as a child to go to school and to after-school programs. “Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, my lungs would be filled with diesel exhaust by the time I arrived at school each day.”

There’s nothing wrong with electric vehicles, if you like them then buy them.

The problem here is the government is trying to virtue signal us that electric cars are the only way to go.

Just watch, some liberal states in the next year could make gas or diesel-powered cars illegal if they get their way.


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