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These John Durham Posts Are Really Starting To Crack Me Up!


Many of you probably know I have been covering the John Durham story a LOT recently.

No, not the part about him allegedly finally producing a report.


I’ve been covering the question of whether he even exists!

If you want more details on that scroll down and I have copied in all my original reporting to bring you up to speed.

But for those of you who are up to speed already, you know a comedian named Erik D. Kirk picked up on my story and started making parody videos.

Some of you (a surprisingly large and disturbing number of you actually) thought they were real and sent them to me telling me that John Durham was calling me out by name.

No folks, John Durham is not making videos calling me out by name and posting them to YouTube.

I am concerned for anyone who seriously fell for that.

But Erik D. Kirk is and they are starting to get hilarious!

At first they kind of bugged me, but then they started really making me laugh and the last two of the series are so funny I had to pass them along to you.

Erik, I have to say….well done sir!

So the gist of these videos is he pretends to be John Durham, and in each video the man is clearly living in the past.

His identity is all wrapped up in being the man who “took down Whitey Bulger” and he references it in each video.

He hasn’t done a damn thing in 3 years, but he’s still riding on the coattails of “taking down Whitey Bulger”.

As always, satire has a way of cutting right to the truth of the matter!

Because isn’t that all we ever hear about Durham?

How he’s the “bulldog” who took down Whitey Bulger?

And yet the man has done LITERALLY nothing since being appointed Special Prosecutor.

Even President Trump asked recently: “Is he a real, living-breathing human being?”

I’m not convinced and neither is Trump.

But these parody videos are hilarious.

On top of being stuck in the past, the parody Durham is often seen busy drinking scotch or most recently hawking products!

Seriously, these are cracking me up.

Erik….I was annoyed at first, but it’s been a slow build and now it’s paying off…..I’m ready for the next installments!

Can I get another shout-out from the “bulldog” himself?  😁

Ok, so with that background please enjoy these latest installments:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:


I’ve been covering a REALLY weird story about John Durham recently.

No, not the fact that he resigned.

And not the face he is reportedly staying on as Special Counsel.

Both of those things are old news.

And kinda boring.

No, I’m talking about why a man with such a storied and PUBLIC career does not have a single video existing of him anywhere online.

I’m not talking about videos about a certain topic or recent videos or videos of his personal life.

No, I’m saying not one single video of the man exists online!

Oh, and only 4-5 pictures exist of him.

That’s it.

A man who has led such a long and storied public career, and it’s as if he doesn’t actually exist.

Yes, I’ve read his bio.

Yes, I’ve seen his Wikipedia page.

Yes, I know he is the man who allegedly took down Whitey Bulger.

Yet not one single video can be found.

And please, if you do nothing else, read this…..


Believe it or not, I can do that myself.

Here’s my point…..

Click into each one of those videos that shows up and you will find the same thing in each one.

You’ll see news anchors talking about John Durham with a still image of his face up on the screen….but nothing else.

No actual video of the man.

Not a video of him holding a press conference, or even some b-roll of him walking into a courthouse….nothing!

The more I look, the weirder it gets!

Three days ago, I asked my Telegram Channel to see if anyone in there could find a video actually showing John Durham moving, talking…being a real person.

So far?  Nothing.

I have personally searched and searched and still nothing.

Here’s another piece to the puzzle that starts to make this look even more strange.

Remember what President Trump said about him?

He said “I’ve never met the man, never even talked to him.”

Remember that?

From the Hartford Courant:

“You have Bull Durham, who is supposed to be the toughest,” Trump said over the telephone during the show. “I’ve never met him. Never spoke to him. But he’s supposed to be the smartest and the best, and he works for Bill Barr, who is a great attorney general. We would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally. You have some people who are great people now – patriotic people. They love our country.’’

And from The Hill:

“We caught them all,” Trump said. “We’re still waiting for a report from a man named Durham who I’ve never spoken to and never met. They can go after me before the election as much as they want, but unfortunately Mr. Durham didn’t want to go after these people…before the election, so who knows if he’ll ever even do a report.”

There do exist photos of the man, but the same 4-5 photos is all you will ever find.

What’s funny is they often place a whole bank of microphones in his face to plant the idea in your head that the guy is speaking a lot and holding lots of press conferences (yet none exist):

Yet, despite all those photos, I can’t find a single video of the man actually speaking.

This man reportedly ran the historic Whitey Bulger trial, and no video from that time period either.

No video of the trial, not a single press conference or interview or questions from reporters.

The photos from above show the man giving press conferences, so where is the video?

Scrubbed from the Internet?

Or it never existing in the first place?

I don’t publish “conspiracy theories” on this website, but I do publish real journalism.

And I do publish “conspiracy facts” when it looks like all the evidence is actually pointing at a conclusion.

I could still be wrong, maybe some Internet sleuth out there will find the video for me.

I’d love to see it, just so I can prove the man actually exists.

But as for now, I wonder if we’ve just uncovered a huge piece of the puzzle that’s all about to come out soon?

Did the man never exist?

As you’re looking for videos, don’t both sending me this one below.

This is not a video of him speaking, it’s a still image of him with audio over the top:

So it this one, still image with audio over the top:

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS:  don’t send me this one either….

Watch it till the end before you send it to me….it’s from a Saturday Night Live skit:

So…how can this be?

Well, some of you have sent me some really interesting ideas!

One person did some great detective work and determined that even the 4-5 photos look rigged:

A couple of you both sent me this message, which is very weird:

And my favorite of all was this theory:

Oh wow, wouldn’t that be something?


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