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EXPOSED: Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030, Plan To Depopulate The WORLD!


Have you ever heard someone mention Agenda 2021 or Agenda 2030 and not known what it meant?

I’ll give you a hint….it’s not good!

Not good for you, not good for me, not good for about 95% of human beings!

You see, Agenda 2030 is the “Elites” plan to depopulate the Earth.

That’s right.

They think there are “too many useless eaters” alive today and they want 95% of us gone.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

This is in their own words.

They even put up a huge stone monument called the Georgia Guidestones where they told the world their plan!

Ever heard of those?

Read all the details here.

I just found this incredible video explaining the whole thing and even showing you clip after clip after clip of these evil people in the OWN WORDS telling you how they want us all gone.

Not hype, not exaggeration, not hyperbole, not satire….they want us gone.

“Useless eaters”…

The “Petite bourgeoisie”…

“Smelly Walmart shoppers”…


These are their names for us!

You have to watch this video and then share it with your friends.

Very important.

Watch safely here on Rumble:

Backup on YouTube which will probably be taken down before you even read this:

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