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Abbott Sending 500 National Guard Troops to the Southern Border, Slams Biden

Texas Governor Greg Abbott put Biden on blast for his ineffective leadership, and refusal to address the border crisis.


Joe Biden might be living in the White House now, but he’s still hiding in the basement while the country crumbles around him.

Biden still refuses to do anything about the crisis at our Southern border, instead leaving other leaders to step up and do his job for him.

One such leader is Texas governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott is just as sick of Biden’s failures as most Americans, so he’s taken matters into his own hands.

Abbott announced the deployment of 500 National Guard troops to secure the border.

He did so while also blasting Biden’s refusal to take action:

“This crisis is a result of President Biden’s open border policies.”

“It invites illegal immigration and is creating a humanitarian crisis in Texas right now that will grow increasingly worse by the day.”

On Tuesday, Governor Abbot made clear his feelings about Biden and the border crisis.

KCENTV with more:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is blaming the Biden administration for the "surge" of migrants at the Texas-Mexico border.

Abbott blamed President Joe Biden's border policies during a news conference at Mission, Texas Tuesday.

He stopped at Mission after meeting with representatives with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard where they spoke about border security, according to the governor's office.

During his visit, Abbott was given an aerial tour of the border, which he claimed he witnessed migrants crossing "illegally" at the border crossing into the United States and called it a "crisis."

"This crisis is a result of President Biden's open border policies," he said. "It invites illegal immigration and is creating a humanitarian crisis in Texas right now that will grow increasingly worse by the day."

Biden has been reversing his predecessor's strict policies on immigration since taking office nearly two months ago, but has kept former President Donald Trump's controversial pandemic health order, which allows agents to rapidly expel migrants back to Mexico without due process, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He has, however, loosened restrictions on children and isn't expelling those who arrived alone at the border, the Times continued. Instead, they are either being released to relatives, sponsors or placed inside a facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, Bloomberg noted.

Additionally, the White House has repeatedly told migrants that now is not the time to go to the border and that the reason why they are coming are due to conditions in Central America.

"There is this belief that if you try to cross with minor children it's going to be easier. The traffickers tell them that," Alberto Cabezas, the spokesman in Mexico for the International Office for Migration, told the Times.

Abbott said the Border Patrol told him that this year alone, around 108,000 apprehensions of undocumented immigrants occurred. Out of that number, more than 800 violent criminals, including 78 sex offenders and many gang members including those part of MS-13.

Governor Abbott has not backed down in his criticism of Biden on social media.

On Tuesday, he tweeted out his frustration with Biden's border security failures.

Just last week, Abbott spoke with Sean Hannity about the border crisis.

This all could have been avoided if Biden and the democrats weren't filled with so much blind hatred towards President Donald Trump.

That hatred has blinded them to the well-being of the American people, causing them to destroy all the great border policies put in place by President Trump.

They would rather Americans suffer than to ever admit that Donald Trump was right.


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