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Bill Clinton Whistleblower Doug Band Reportedly Flipped, Provided Evidence Tying to Epstein’s Maxwell


What have we always said?

The truth always comes out sooner or later!

There are multiple reports leaking that former Clinton “bagman” Doug Band has flipped.

These reports claim that Band has turned into a whistleblower and that he has now provided evidence to the Feds implicating Bill Clinton to the Epstein scandal.

Specifically, this evidence is said to tie Clinton directly to “Madam” Ghislain Maxwell.

The first outlet to break the story was Radar.

Coincidentally, the story was taken off the website.

Fortunately, some made an “Archive” page of the story.

The Archive of the Radar story claims:

Bill Clinton’s former body-man-turned-aide Doug Band has turned whistleblower in the federal sex trafficking investigation involving Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein — and provided Justice Department officials with evidence that could implicate his one-time boss.

The notoriously tight-lipped Band, 48, stunned Clintonworld by agreeing to an interview with Gabriel Sherman for Vanity Fair‘s December issue. In addition to detailing his ties to Epstein and Maxwell, he also confirmed that the 42nd president of the United States visited Epstein at his hedonistic compound in the Caribbean — known to many as “Pedophile Island.”

Clinton travelled to Little St. James With Epstein in January 2003, according to Band — just a few months after the two men spent 10 days touring Africa.

The timing of Band’s interview was a bit confounding; it landed a week after his juicy tell-all hit newsstands and he later announced that he was stepping down from the consulting firm he founded to devote more time to his family, teaching, and some private investing projects.

Radar has now learned that is was also around this time that Clinton’s “bagman” for close to two decades spoke with criminal investigators from the Southern District of New York.

This makes him the first Epstein/Maxwell associate who is known to have cooperated with authorities in the most recent probes into the accused pedophiles.

Band became fast friends with Epstein and Maxwell back in 2002, a time when he was at the height of his powers due to his role as the key architect of Clinton’s carrier post-White House.

Band first showed up on Epstein’s flight manifest in March of that year, when he flew from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to London with his boss, Epstein, Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, and three secret service agents.

Kellen would later be identified as both a recruiter and a victim of Epstein, but unlike most victims, she was over the age of 18 when she first met the pedophile.

The same group returned to JFK two days later on the private jet, infamously called the “Lolita Express.”

Could this be the beginning of the end for the Clinton dynasty?

If they truly were involved with Epstein, it appears that the cover-up is finally beginning to fall apart.

Like we said…

The truth always comes out sooner or later.

The Daily Beast also wrote a story about the allegation…

But the story was suddenly removed online without any explanation.

Here is the URL and link to the now-non-existent story:

It appears as though someone is going through great lengths to keep this story from getting out.

Someone with a lot of resources and connections…

Doug Band has been loyal to the Clintons for years.

But he apparently began having doubts as late as December of laste year.

According to the New York Post:

Et tú, Doug Band?

In a stunning political and personal betrayal, Bill Clinton’s erstwhile consigliere has spilled his guts to Vanity Fair. It’s impossible to look away.

“Confessions of a Clintonworld Exile,” by its very existence, proves beyond a doubt that the Clintons have lost whatever waning political capital remained. Consider that, at the height of their powers, Clinton loyalists would sooner go to prison (as Susan McDougal did, 18 months served, eight months of those in solitary) rather than compromise the ever-comprised Clintons.

Bill must have done something very, very bad — worse than his usual self-dealing and pathological deceit — for Band, a surrogate son, to lash out like this.

As the piece opens, we meet the middle-aged Band in his Manhattan office, framed photos of Bill Clinton covering walls, tables — “virtually every surface,” Gabriel Sherman writes, “except for windows.” (There’s always something very “Sunset Boulevard” about the Clintons and their acolytes.)

“Bill Clinton was my life for almost 20 years,” Band says.

As we learn, he put up with a lot.

To be sure, Band also gained a lot; his role as Clinton’s gatekeeper made him a very wealthy man. In 2018, Band bought a $20 million Manhattan townhouse once owned by David Rockefeller.

When Band wasn’t actively building Clinton’s post-presidential life — helping establish the ethically dubious Clinton Foundation, then exploiting his closeness to Clinton and other world leaders by founding “global consulting” company Teneo — he was busy looking the other way.

Clintonworld remains a fetid swamp, and Band professes regret.

If these allegations are true…

And if these reports of Band turning into a whistleblower are true…

We wish both he and his family much health and safety…


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