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Footage Emerges of China Building Gigantic COVID Quarantine Camps


Now, this isn’t shocking coming from Communist China.

But I want to paint the picture of what some pro-lockdown/authoritarian officials will likely try if we don’t stand our ground.

Footage emerged of a massive quarantine facility being constructed in China to detain anyone deemed a threat due to COVID-19.

Check it out:

Don’t forget that many mainstream outlets didn’t seem bothered by China’s draconian measures to withstand the virus:

Don’t think they won’t try it in the Western world.

Take Germany for instance:

Or, the New York State Assembly’s horrifying A416 legislation introduced weeks ago:

They’re testing the waters to see if American citizens will sit by and allow this to happen in their country.

We must resist these measures at all cost.

And not let our corrupt government officials attempt these draconian policies like we’ve seen in China.

Summit News had more details:

Footage has emerged of a huge quarantine facility being built in China to house people infected with coronavirus, and presumably anyone else the state deems to be a COVID threat.

The time lapse video shows a sprawling complex in the province of Hebei being fully completed within a week.

The camp, on the outskirts of the city of Shijiazhuang is said to contain more than 4000 ‘isolation suites’, which resemble shipping container like cells.

The bars on the windows are probably to keep people out… right?

Reports indicate that more than 20,000 local villagers in the area have already been quarantined in isolation facilities since the beginning of the year.

Chinese state media organisation CCTV toured the inside of the facilities:

Nothing to see here, just a Communist super state building a massive detention camp.

It won’t happen here though… right?

The idea of camps to detain COVID dissenters isn’t so far fetched in Germany, where it is actually being openly implemented, in the wake of new mutant strain being discovered and an expected super lockdown being announced, to include the suspension of all travel within the country.

Stay on guard and be prepared to fight for freedom and liberty at any sign of this madness.

We must NOT let any wicked officials float this idea in America.


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