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Rudy Giuliani Blasts Mitch McConnell In His Latest Interview


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Rudy Giuliani didn’t hold back in his latest interview with Newsmax.

In response to Sen. Mitch McConnell going on the Senate floor and blaming President Trump for the Capitol being stormed, Giuliani called McConnell a liar.

Giuliani’s exact words were ” I never liked liars whether they posed as senators or anybody else. He’s lying. I have the video evidence to prove it. I have video evidence to prove that Antifa had a lot more to do with that than anybody else”.

Watch Giaianiu’s full interview here:

Voters in Kentucky must primary McConnell immediately!

McConnell has truly shown his true colors these last couple of weeks.

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Newsmax broke the story, see what they had to share:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was “lying” when he stood on the Senate floor Monday and accused President Donald Trump and others of fomenting the crowd that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani tells Newsmax TV.

“I just don’t like liars,” Giuliani said Tuesday on “Greg Kelly Reports.” “Never like liars, whether they pose as senators or anybody else, and he’s lying.”

Giuliani said he has video evidence to prove far-left and far-right groups that are anti-Trump actually had far more to do with the riots than anyone else. The Secret Service and others in the government are ignoring the evidence, he said.

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