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DC National Guard Chief Has Everyone Asking: Did He Just Say “Transition TO Military Power”?


We’ve got a wild one on our hands today!

All credit for this story goes to my friends over on Telegram who were the first to break this story.

In a new interview this morning on Good Morning America, the head of the DC National Guard, Major General William Walker appeared to have said the troops were there to assist with a “peaceful transition to Military power”.

Of course that set off a flurry of speculation….

Was it just a slip of the tongue?

Hard to hear through the mask?

The pressure of national TV tripped him up a bit?

I don’t know.

The man seems awfully calm, cool and collected to me.

He’s a man who is trained to handle stressful situations and perform without any issues.

So….was he telling the truth?

Listen for yourself and tell me what YOU think:

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And in case Twitter wipes those clips, I saved it to Rumble.

Watch here:

So what do you think?

Did he say what we all think we heard him say?

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