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RESULTS ARE IN: Here’s What YOU Think of Mike Pence…


One of the greatest questions over the last 4 years has been whether or not Vice President Mike Pence can be trusted.

Is he a white hat?

Black hat?

Good guy?

Bad guy just playing a role?

Real Christian?


I don’t truly know the answer to that, but I have questions just like everyone else.

I remember back to when President Trump first picked Mike Pence for Vice President.

Do you?

If you do, you might remember that President Trump took way longer than is normal to pick his Vice President.

While no official explanation was ever given, what I’ve heard is that President Trump wanted Mike Flynn, but the Deep State players who were running the GOP said they would not support him (even though he won) unless he picked their man.

And their man was Mike Pence.

I also know that I greatly respect and trust Lin Wood, and Mr. Wood had this to say:

So, there are a lot of strikes against Mike Pence in my book.

Oh, and the fact that Mike Pence had the opportunity to hand President Trump the victory in this election on December 23 but he let that opportunity lapse without even a peep.

But I know this is a topic that stirs up a lot of emotion on both sides so I wanted to find out what YOU think.

You, the readers of WeLoveTrump, who are some of the most educated and informed people out there.

So yesterday I asked you this:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust Mike Pence? Is He a “White Hat” Who Will Save The Election For Trump?

Sometimes when I ask you these questions they end up in a landslide.

Not this one.

And I expected that.

With over 1,400 people voting, it was DEAD even.

Check this out:

But even more than this, I received more emails on this question today than almost anything else I can remember all year long.

You all had a LOT of thoughts about Mike Pence.

And so I actually want to do something more.

I want to open this up to not just a YES/NO question but an open-ended text box where you can type all your thoughts.

I think this will be really interesting.

And I think you’ll all enjoy reading each others comments just as much as I did reading over 500+ emails today!

So please….I ask you to participate and share your thoughts.

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And I’ll publish the results tomorrow.

Tap here to add your thoughts…..👇

READER POLL: Do You Trust Mike Pence? Please Give Me Your Honest Thoughts Below….Is Mike Pence a Good Guy?


Tune back in tomorrow to read them all.


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